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    Just came across these on YouTube .................. so I thought I would share, just in case you didn't know about them. As I didn't! :whistle: They're very basic, just what the newbie needs! and I see many of the frequent questions answered in these basic tutorials, frequently asked...
  2. General Van Chat
    Hi. I have been looking for the Haynes manual for my van for a while and I can find the manual for the non-syncro Transporter. These manuals do not cover the Syncro unfortunately. Is there a separate manual for Syncro vans?
  3. General Technical
    I've got a Caravelle t4 2001 Diesel Automatic I wanted to get a haynes manual, but I can't find one. Is there one???
  4. VAG Parts For Sale
    As it says above, I have a mint copy of the Haynes manual for a Mk2 Golf and it also covers the Jetta, Mar '84 to Feb'92 petrol models. There are no ripped or oily pages, this is mint, a real collectors item. I've tried to add a picture of this but it seems tonight my luck is out as every...
  5. General Technical
    Hi I have seen on a thread that some guy has posted a link to a PDF file service manual for T4s. Beeen searching for hours but for the love of god i cant find it anywhere. Dont suppose anyone knows where it is or can post a link to it????:confused::confused: Cheers muchlyT:
  6. General Van Chat
    Hi, The manual I think I need is this one. http://www.whsmith.co.uk/CatalogAndSearch/ProductDetails-Volkswagen+Transporter+T4+Workshop+Manual+Diesel+2000+on+-9781855206816.html But this says 2000 on.. and mine was registered in 1999 (end of) Any help which one I need? Thanks - Nick
  7. General Van Chat
    Just in case some of you haven't seen the thread "Lobby For Haynes Workshop Manual for T4" please see below and please add your name to the petition. Re: Lobby for Haynes Manual (Click on this to go to the thread on the Forum:- http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=19764)...
1-7 of 7 Results