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  1. LED headlights not working

    Bought a T4 with LED headlights already installed and since buying it the lights will only work as sidelights or full beams - the low beam setting doesn't go on at all. Anyone got any advice on what to look at first or where to go for some guidance? Any help much appreciated!
  2. Choose the lights you want for your 'Van...

    Just Kampers
    Inspired by Sharkbait, T4 Chippy, Torkijo, Hilltopper and Gusto we've been looking into the options for headlights and tail lamps. Obviously the more we produce then lower the lower our costs... The lower our costs the lower the prices we can offer to forum members, yay. So we'd like to...
  3. Driving at Night.. Poor Headlamps, Visibility..

    Hope someone can point me to an answer here.. Just bought a '99 T4 with the later shape front, whilst driving her back home it got dark and I noticed how poor the headlamps lit the road. With oncoming traffic on a country lane I started to think that the headlamp bulbs were bloody awful and...
  4. Shortnose led headlights

    Customising / Modding
    Hi this how i put leds in my short nose head lights. First thing to do is take out the head lights there are posts on how to do this on the forum. When you have the headlights out you then need to remove them from there plastic back plate. I did this with a pair of long nose pliers the clips...
  5. after market electrical headlight adjustment

    Ive managed to get myself a set of projektzwo front headlights with electrical adjustment, my T4 however has not got this mod fitted. I have sourced a new headlight switch with a headlight adjustment reostat and have managed to get hold of the electrical clips for each end. My question is...
  6. Fitting & Fixing Projektzwo Headlights

    Technical Articles
    I bought these on a whim, the devil makes work for idle hands I: they where on ebay.de and the seller excepted paypal. Its all to easy just press a couple of buttons and then sit back and weight. Less than a week and I had the card through the door A: off I trot to the post office only to be...
  7. can you see me coming? (lights)

    Customising / Modding
    Fitted last night, and I'm chuffed. I love em! and just so you know who it was: I think I'm going to reward myself for all of that hard work witha cold, long pint!T:
  8. HID dim dip problem

    Hi all , just fitted my hid kit to the van and when i put just my side lights on i get dipped beam come up in stead of dim dip,And then filck from side lights to dip and there is no change!! has any one else who has fitted a hid kit had the same problem , as when its MOT time this will cause...
  9. Osram silver stars bulbs?

    General Technical
    Someone mentioned these bulbs on a different thread recently, I just wondered if anyone else was using them and if they really are 50% brighter than the standard ( candle powered) ones. Also, whats the difference between the H4 and H7 flavours? Cheers!
  10. H.I.D's

    recevied my my hids yesterday:D the poor visablaty of the standard lights have been really getting to me the past couple of weeks so i had to do somthing about it. so i purchased a set of 6000k bi-xenons so you get hid in both hi and low beam this is a pic with them on low beam, down a...
  11. Headlight question

    My lights work fine but when I take the keys out of the ignition the front left headlight goes out and the rest stay on. What would I need to do to remedy this? Im sure it never used to do this?
  12. H.I.D conversion kits

    as above, is anyone running H.I.D's in there T4? if so where did you purchase them from? what kit did you buy? were they worth it? easy too fit? any help would be great thank you tom
  13. HID Xenon headlight kit

    Has anyone any experience or views on these kits, I have heard that the oem stuff comes with automatic self levelling lights. There are some on ebay at present and I really fancy some, I have told the wife that I am struggling to see when its dark, and it looks like I could get away with it.I...