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  1. T4 upgraded headlight harness

    Hi everyone newbie question hope you can all help please. Looked on the forum regarding best harness to buy but all answers seem to be from years ago. Just after recommendation which one to buy now. I have T4 black led headlamps drl normal indicators, full beams ok and gets full power, main beam...
  2. Instrument cluster issues in a 1.9 manual diesel T4 from 1993

    Hi all. This forum looks like a place I could call home, if you allwill have me! I am the proud owner of a 1993 T4. It waspurchased in Columbus, Ohio (US) but was originally purchased new in Belgiumwith a good paper trail. I'm having no luck narrowing down the origin of myissues, even from...
  3. Headlight loom upgrade - two pin connector location?

    Hello all! Just a quick one (i couldn't find any historical posts regarding this), fitting a new headlight loom on my VW T4 2003 2.5tdi. Im assuming the orange connector goes to the back of the bulb. However, i cant work out where the black two pin connector (in the image) goes to? Im sure...
  4. Dipped Beam Failure

    Hi all, new around here so thought i'd kick of with an issue which I hope to get resolved with some of your help. I've a 2004 T5 panel van, all is good apart from the dipped beam not working. I've eliminated the relay, fuse and switcher by using a tester. The thing is I used the Haynes manual...
  5. vw transporter T5 electric adjustment

    General T5 Technical
    Hi guys, Do any of you know where the electric headlight adjuster is on a T5 ? ( although facelifted to a T5.1 and therefore T5.1 headlights with H4 bulbs ) mine were connected and working perfectly. A garage swapped my halogens out for LED headlight bulbs and now when i try to adjust the...
  6. Upgrading Headlights.

    Hello all Looking for some advice. I have a 2010 5.1 and would like to upgrade the headlights. I like the idea of the DRL Light bar headlights but at the moment they are cost prohibitive. I've seen these...
  7. T5 / T5.1 Headlight Switch with fog light setting

    Parts For Sale
    Hi all I’ve got a T5 / T5.1 Headlight Switch in satin silver with the settings for front and rear foglights. VW Type switch at a fraction of the price Dealership price £80+ Vat It’s brand new still boxed It's the same as this...
  8. Headlight replacement on t5.1

    Looking for recommendations on headlight replacement for t5.1. With xenon bulbs and DLRs and installation. Preferably close to Bournemouth but will travel if necessary. (Closer the better;-) Many thanks!
  9. Wiring in headlight washer help!!

    Some advice is needed please. I want to wire in the headlight washer pump to be active when the headlights are on and activate, as in squirt, when then I use the main windscreen washers. I understand the original headlight washers activate when the lights are on and every 5th wash of the...
  10. Headlight adjuster missing?

    Hi everyone, Recently bought a short nose 2000 T4 and have noticed that the drivers side headlight moves - I think it might just need a new headlight adjuster fitting. I've put a picture here - I looked on the other headlight and can see a white attachment that the screw goes into... Is...
  11. Headlight gap adjustment

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Can the fit of the headlights be adjusted, in relation to the bonnet edge? My headlights have an uneven gap between them and the bonnet, I wondered if Item 2 on the parts diagram moves up and down to allow adjustment? I have tried to turn it, and the soft plastic just started to round off. Any...
  12. Headlight wires and front bumper steps...

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I'm in the process of improving a neglected T5, and I'd like to know a few things..... Does anyone have a pic of how the headlight wiring SHOULD be routed across the front bumper reinforcement, into the nearside headlight, there are fixings on the cable but I cant see where they go, and should...
  13. Sorry another headlight question

    Hi would anyone be able to help me with another headlight question. I have just completed a T5 to T5.1 conversion. All is good, really happy with how it looks. I brought the headlight adaptor kits to convert the headlight wiring. I have the twin Caravelle type lights. But dipped beam does...
  14. Headlight Adjuster / Dash dimmer

    Hi I have a t5 Transporter 07 and both the switches for headlight adjustment and dash dimming are unresponsive. The fuses look ok and the switch does illuminate. Would this be simply a new switch? It seems a bit of a coincidence that they are both gone.
  15. T4 headlight retainers. Anyone know of reliable suppliers ?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, I'm after the headlight retainers ( plastic fitting for headlights ) for the short nose T4, not the entire headlight assembly. Part No: 701 941 045 - Nearside 701 941 046 - Offside Anyone bought some recently ? Just tried TPS, but their online site is a mare, I can't even search for...
  16. HELP please - headlight wiring problems!

    All lights previously worked in my ex AA T4, but I did notice that one terminal in both headlight plugs (on the back of the bulb) was burnt. Recently, one of my main beam has stopped working, but the bulb is fine and full beam works still. I've been out with a voltmeter and current is getting to...
  17. T4 Short Nose Headlight Upgrade With OSRAM Nightbreaker Unlimited Bulbs

    Conversions & Customisation
    Just £49.99 including postage and packaging T4 Short Nose Headlight Upgrade With OSRAM Nightbreaker Unlimited Bulbs Vast improvements in safety with brighter lights Typically a T4 will have around 10V to each headlight; this loom will restore your T4 to battery voltage, 12.4v. That’s a 20%...
  18. Protection for your van

    Cordwallis Van Centre
    Protect your precious van from the harsh weather with our range of accessories including these lovely Sportline waterproof seat covers. Click here to see the full range of accessories
  19. Short Nose T4 Uprated Headlight Loom/Harness

    Parts, Tuning & Styling
    Just £34.99 Posted Vast improvements in safety with brighter lights Typically a T4 will have around 10V to each headlight; this loom will restore your T4 to battery voltage, 12.4v. That’s a 20% increase in voltage to your lights. Simple, Fast and Easy 5 Minute installation with just 5...
  20. Where to stick headlight deflectors for a trip to France?

    General T4 Chat
    Can anyone help? Where for I need to stick the headlight deflectors on my headlamps for a trip to France? Is it here & here? :* Thanks in advance...