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  1. DLR not working on Off Side!

    T5 Articles & Information
    Help required! I’ve just fitted some new headlights yesterday, went through the usual taking the bumper off, unplugged the old lights plugged in the new lights, checked them and they all worked fine. however today the DLR strip on the off side won’t work - but the rest of the lights in the...
  2. Headlight Replacement

    Hi All, My van came with some fandango headlight gubbins (DRL, Devil Eyes?) which my MOT tester has informed me will fail this year due to the lack of a repeater bump. I've trawled this forum looking for the easiest way to proceed and I'm now of the opinion that replacement with an original...
  3. Main beam stuck on - has me stumped!

    Hi I have a 2009 T30 Transporter with 65,000 miles - so it's not had a hard life! Last week, I found I could not take the headlights off main beam. The blue light is on the dash and no amount of stalk fiddling, or switch turning would get the dipped headlights alone to come on. The pooled...
  4. Headlights not working, help appreciated

    Hello, if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. I was driving last night when my main headlights went out (or so dim I couldn't see!) I didn't have far to go and it was quiet so drove with full beam on hoping I wouldn't dazzle anyone/thinking the full beam isn't that bright I wouldn't I...
  5. T4 DRL Audi Style Headlights

    Hi all. I want to update the front of my short nose van with aftermarket DRL Headlights. Can you guys recommend a set that are better than the rest ? what make are you using ? I know that they don't give out as much light as the originals but I live in a well lit area. Also I will go for bulb...
  6. T4 Headlights: Urgent help needed!

    Hi guys I'm fairly new to this forum and so far managed to answer all my questions without even having to write a thread -loads of good info on here. But I've been trying to sort the headlights on my 2000 1.9 T4 for a while now with no joy, hoping you guys can help. So the Van's headlights on...
  7. T5 bits

    VAG Parts For Sale
    I have the following items for sale, which are collection only from Runcorn, Cheshire. T5 bonnet in white (grey white I believe). In good condition, only a few small stone chips. £30 T5 grey commercial front bumper, including all insert, in good condition. Only a few small scuff marks...
  8. Headlight upgrade loom woes

    Ok - I'm probably being my normal stupid self, but... A few months back I swapped my dim headlights for one of Upspex's upgrade looms with brighter bulbs. All is good at night now - I can actually see where I'm going, BUT... I've just failed the MOT because the headlights come on with the...
  9. Lights won't turn off...

    Hi, A few weeks ago, after driving 1000 miles over Christmas in plenty of rain, followed by a hand wash which involved power jets, I woke up in the morning to find my front lights were on. I was pretty sure I hadn't left them on as it was a few days after I'd last used the van, and sure enough...
  10. DRL Upgrade

    I need to upgrade my headlights can anyone recommend a straight replacement for my 52 plate short nose 2.5 thanks
  11. Hi from 2x T4 Novices!

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all :) My girlfriend and I are new to the T4 scene, have been longing for a camper van project and after much deliberation and searching we are the proud owners of Kermit! Our 1993 1.9 T4 SWB (Picture below...hopefully!) We have already done some little bits and pieces (New Power Steering...
  12. Headlights... LED, Xenon what are the options?!

    Customising / Modding
    Hey guys, So we're planning on facelifting our T5, we haven't quite decided on which way to go with the headlights, we can either get the basic facelift with the genuine VW headlights or our other option was to go for the light bar headlights. Neither of the options we were looking at come with...
  13. Near-side head lamp stays on while driving

    Hello, Just recently my 2011 T5 has started lighting up the near-side headlamp whenever the ignition is on. It's one of the front headlamps but not the normal dipped beam. It's the bulb nearest the grill on the near-side of the van. If I turn on the side-lights or the normal dipped beam then...
  14. Help please! Audi style headlights from extreme van

    I really need some advice regarding Audi style headlights from extreme vans. Has anyone purchased a set of these? If so, what's the quality like? Are there any issues with M.O.T's? Also, do they work with the levelling motors? Hope somone can help as I need to order these ASAP to get them fixed...
  15. T4 short nose headlights custom indicators and led bulbs

    Parts For Sale
    I have apair a pair of standard headlights for sale for a vw transporter t4 1995 shortnose. They are in excellent condition with no cracks or chips in the lenses. They come complete with custom indicators professionally done and showing the t4 logo as the yellow indicator light, fully legal...
  16. Dipped beam lightbulbs 5.1

    Very confused about lights. I want to get more light on dipped beam with a 2013 5.1. Main beam is fine but I can't see in traffic. Probably my eyes but can anyone explain which bulb I should be looking for as a simple replacement? Apologies for being so stupid. Thanks for any advice.
  17. Long Nose Angle Eye Headlight Woes - No Dipped Beam - Help!

    I've just fitted these... With sidelights switched on - outer bulbs come on With dipped headlights switched on - nothing changes With full beam switched on - outer bulbs on still and the rings light up I tested the bulbs and they're ok, there's where my 12v electrical knowledge starts...
  18. 2008 T5 replacement head and rear lights

    Customising / Modding
    Hi all Am new to the forum and a newbie VW owner! Van currently has the standard panel van lights and I want to change them out for black inner headlights with 'audi' running lights (like . I also want to change out the rear lights for the smoked versions (like ). Have done quite a bit of...
  19. Automatic headlights t4

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has fitted one of these before? Also has changed the light switch to an auto one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Valeo-Car-Vehicle-Automatic-Lighting-System-Light-n-Go-/331123703676 Cheers
  20. Angel eye headlight alignment

    General T5 Technical
    I have some angel eye lights fitted to my 2006 T5 but when on full beam both lights point in and slightly up? Has anyone experienced this? How do I correctly align the beam?