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  1. Interior
    Help - desperately need someone who can lower the headliner on my '99 Caravelle T4 so i can..drill holes in the roof for a roof rack and then return the headliner back in place. i'm based in hereford / london but will travel for this as need to do the work urgently.. thanks!
  2. Interior
    Hi. I have been able to find any info anywhere on hhow to remove the headliner from the cab in 8 seat T5 kombi:* I get all the rest free, buut somehow the sunroof opening is fastened the the roof. Does Anyone know how to safely get this off? Thanks:)
  3. Interior
    Are all headliners made from the very flimsy substance that mine is made from that seems to crumble at the edges? I've been trying to investigate covering mine but it seems too weak to bother doing anything with it ... the edges at the front where it slots in above the windscreen are broken in...
  4. Interior
    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. and this is my first topic My headliner was already in poor condition, so I decided that it come out black cloth The material was a poorly stretch. So I've used the vacuum method. Below you will find a description of my struggles The material is black...
  5. General T4 Chat
    Afternoon chapsT: Whats the best material and size to use for interior headlining, MDF or PLY?. Cheers.:confused:
  6. Interior
    I want to redo my roof lining in the back of my swb. Can I do it in one piece? How do I fix it securely without the use of the two plastic trims that go across the width of the roof? What thickness of ply would be recommended for this?
1-6 of 7 Results