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  1. Alternative Headrests?

    Hi, does anyone know of any Black (any material) headrests that fit a 2001 T4? We have some make do covers to last this year whilst we get the rest of the van sorted before eventually retrimming the captain seats but although the seat covers are OK, the headrest covers are . I have tried the...
  2. Headrests Monitors for a T% with duel passenger seat - recomendations please

    Hello everyone, I have 2012 T5 Kombi and I've got some monitors in the headrests at present. However they are a temporary mesaure only as they don't really fit. The headrests are too wide for the dual passenger seat as it fouls the seatbelt cowl in the middle. Does anyone know what brand /...
  3. Adding Head Rests

    Hi, Have tried a search before the post and nothing obvious comes up. Apologies in advance if this has been discussed previously and I failed to spot. I am trying to find out whether head rests can be added to a Reimo seat bed. Currently we have a child seat with integral head restraint but...
  4. The dog munched my rear headrest!

    Hello Buslovers, :ILU: Forgot to post this earlier.. The dog got slightly bored today, he's decided he likes the taste of VW headrests and eaten a big chunk out the side of one! Anyone know where I can find a grey velour rear headrest for a '99 Multivan? :* Only I don't fancy waiting until...
  5. More Headrests

    I'm after 3 clean head rests, in Inca if poss, and they need to be the metal posts (15cm apart I think.) Thanks!