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  1. 1995 T4 head unit replacement

    Hi All, This is my first post here! :) I have just bought my very first van, a 1995 T4 multivan. I picked it up last Wednesday and love it. It's not kitted out yet as a camper van but this is something I intend to do slowly. My first 'job' is to fit out the front cab. The rest of the van is...
  2. Pioneer Headunits Model Differences?

    I think my next 'spend' on my van is going to be on DAB. For some reason Smooth radio has started drifting in and out of tune on my trusty '310 [nothing has changed on my van?] so I feel the need for DAB and maybe Absolute 80's etc. Anyhow, pioneer seem to have a good rep on the forum so I...
  3. RNS315 Fitting guide

    Hi. My camper has the basic RCD210 radio and I've just bought an RNS315 of the bay of fleas. Can anyone point me to a thread or other online guide on how to fit this to my 2011 T28. I've seen a YouTube video of a guy removing the RCD but he fitted another single DIN head unit. I've also read...
  4. Pioneer AVIC-F960DAB

    Hi I have a Pioneer Avic-F960DAB head unit in my 2012 T5 and I have been told that some of the functions of the van ie reversing censers and the air con can be feed though this head unit can any one tell me what parts I need and how to do this thanks Mark
  5. Streaming - What does it mean/ How does it work?

    I am considering changing my headunit. I have read through a few posts on the forum to gather opinions. I was just reading through a thread and it was mentioned that a certain £800.00 headunit does not do streaming? This is a feature I have never heard of before - but if i am parting with...
  6. HELP! Wiring rear speakers to original head unit

    Hi I'm new to all this and this is my first conversion of a 2006 T5! I have built and installed my ikea units, got a RnR bed from JDS Metaltech, but now its the electrics which I know nothing about! Starting with wiring of speakers. Fitted the speakers in the back and got wires running up to...
  7. Which headunit (stereo) to go for?

    Hi people I have a 57 plate T28 with standard headunit installation.I: In my previous vehicle I had an all singing all dancing Sony DAB unit with bluetooth and hands free capability. I miss this function as it meant I could make calls on the way to or from a job thereby saving time and...
  8. Meos Flip out DVD - Swap/px

    Swap Shop
    I have a Meos flip out DVD headunit, has bluetooth etc. Im looking to swap/px cash either way for any of the following Passenger swivel base Hob/Sink T4 Airbox Leisure battery / split charge Roof mounted Awning
  9. Switchable power source for headunit

    Afternoon all, Currently in the process of converting my van and loving it! Sunday afternoons are for pondering and due to expereince on my friends van, he kills the main battery whilst playing tunes for the gang when camping. My thoughts are this.. Simple rocker switch in the middle...
  10. Headunit wire identification?

    Looking at changing the headunit, but for now wanted to sort out an aux in. i have found the pin out block diagram: but when removing the RCD200 i noticed a purple and white wire floating around? Anyone know what this is for?
  11. Single Din DVD/Sat Nav Head Units

    Hey guys an gals, I've not long been a shall we say "proper" member of the T4 scene until I picked up a 2001, Lwb two weeks ago! Excited doesn't even cover it! (As I'm sure other owners will testify!) Now, I'm in the forces and currently in Belize... So all research I'm doing is via the trusty...
  12. Advice needed on powering head unit and 2 way components, please.

    Hopefully someone can help me. I've got an Alpine iDA-X305S headunit but am having trouble figuring out how to wire it up how I need it. I can get it to power up when I switch the ignition and off again. If I reverse the permanent live and the switchable it will turn on when I press the power...