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heated seats

  1. Ignition live connection - heated seat retro fit

    Hi, Fitting a waeco heated seat kit to my T5, all the elements have been fitted whilst the seats were being re-trimmed, and all the wiring has been run behind the dash just need to connect to an ignition live circuit or connection behind the dash. I hate chopping and splicing into original...
  2. T5.1 Heated Seat Controls

    I have just purchased some 2014 captains seats for my 2011 (facelift) T5.1. The seats have heating built in but my vehicle doesn't have the required controls. I've searched the forums and it looks like the T5.1 had the controls for heated seats built into the climate control module. My question...
  3. T5.1 heated seats control - part correct?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Does anyone know if the following part would work for a DIY heated seat conversion on a T5 facelift - Part: 7E5907047AB - eBay link to controller with part eBay link to loom to either genuine VW heated seats or some form another vehicle (I see people have used Saab, Range Rover, Alfa...
  4. How to, Webasco heated seat upgrade orange/off/red

    All, if anyone has the Webasco heated seats with the single red light, you can now get an upgrade from the manufacturer, for £18 delivered. Its a like for like swap, although you need a bullet connector etc…(from Halfords) or just tape the wires I guess (?/bodge?) Hi! I found this on eBay and...
  5. 2013 VW T5 T30(GP) 140 DSG*NO VAT*sca poptop

    Vans For Sale
    Here we have my much loved T5 bus, I have been on several camping trips and loved every one since I purchased her with my other half and my daughter. I am only selling this van as I have brought a house that is becoming a bottomless pitt !! I purchased the van with two and a half thousand miles...
  6. Heated seats with swivel base......?

    I want to retrofit heating elements into my T5 front seats but also want the seats to be able to swivel. I've had a good look around the Forum and it seems that the driver's seat should be fairly straightforward. Most of the swivel bases available have a threaded tube as the pivot point so the...
  7. Wiring heated audio tt seats

    Just discovered that the Audi TT seats I have in my T5 have the green plug under them. I'm assuming that this is for heat. Does anyone know the pin wiring for the plug as I'll need to modify the loom to standard T5 switches. Cheers
  8. T5.1 Aftermarket heated seats help!

    Has anyone retro fitted heated seats to a T5.1. VW main dealer says it can't be done but I'm thinking that's just them not thinking out of the box! I have a pair of caravelle seats with the heating elements already in and would like to get them wired in. Any help gratefully received. Thanks Ant...
  9. Recommended Electrical Specialists

    Can anyone recommend an auto electrician in the south west (ish) area? I want a leisure battery, reversing camera, rear speakers, upgraded stereo and heated seat electrics installed without having to take the inside of the bus apart more than once! The bus is a T5. Many thanks, Ant.
  10. Help needed - wiring heated seats

    Hello, I've got myself some mazda rx8 seats. They're both heated and the drivers one has electric adjustment. I'm fine fitting them to the bases, but i'm struggling when it comes to the wiring...so i'm hoping someone may be able to help I: Here's the wiring diagram for the heaters: and...
  11. heat seats

    Hi guys Hope someone can help i have fitted some audi TT seats (mark 1) in my van. And yes you guys where right its was very easy to do(drilled 6 new holes). But now i would like to wire the heating part of them. Have had a search but not a lot of help i am looking on google for a wiring...
  12. seat

    here we go after looking at all the seats you guy say to put in i what for the audi TT ones. so got a set from a pal i know fitted them like you guys say 6 new hole a fitted. but now i would like to wire them up so i can have a warm bum. so is this possablie to do if so have you guys do this if...
  13. Wiring OEM Heated Seats

    Hi all, I know that this has been answered for T4 owners but does anyone have a numpty guide for fitting OEM heated seats to a T30? The seats I've been offered are ex-caravelle (2008) and have airbags as well as being heated. I know that each one needs a control box - do I need thee...
  14. wiring electric seats to non electric van

    Hi Guys, just bought my new van its a basic T28 1.9 TDI and I would like to replace the standard seats with leather saab ones or similar, if I get electric ones (adjustment and heating) would it be an easy job to wire them up even if my van doesnt have electric seats now? Hope that makes sense :)
  15. Heated seats - how to!! (16 pics)

    This Thread is also available on http://www.campertronic.co.uk/heated-seats/ after a bit of discussion on another thread and getting the ok from the wife (you have to make her fell included in these desicions) i bought an aftermarket heated seat kit from ebay long ebay link and as i was...