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heater control fix

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    Hi Hope this is the right forum... I only seem to have warm air coming through, and only blowing on the 'heat windscreen' setting, even if i turn controller to bluw through vents or floor setting. I have had the stat controller replaced after fan onlw blew on level 4, but seems other problem is...
  2. General Technical
    Hi all, here is a question that i need to work out a solution to. Ok i have had my t4 for a month now and when i got it all the collant pipes had a nice crust on the interior. I have now cleared tis crust by, squeezing, flushing with a hose pipe and the using engine flush until there is little...
  3. General T4 Chat
    My heater control unit on the hot and cold switch has snapped!the whole replacement units are silly money anyone found or replicated the arm yet? Cheers matt
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    Removed the heater knob fascia undone the 4 screws , pulled out the unit ,rotated the hot cold knob and presto no movement of the cable just a click as thou something inside is broken off or worn? is this an easy fix by taking the whole unit out to strip the insides or does anybody have one for...
  5. Interior
    The heater is jammed. The control cables work fine but at the heater end the lever is seized. Any ideas? :*
  6. Interior
    does anyone know if golf or polo heater control unit will fit later type t4. mine is broken (temperature control knob due to stiff cable) and not been able find reasonably priced replacement yet ebay is full of golf/ polo units quite cheap. thanks
  7. Interior
    From searching through the forums it seems that a broken heater dial is a very common problem. I turned my temperature dial round to hot and something snapped inside. After much reading around, I found this post which was really helpful and I have managed to fix the problem. Here is a guide...