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heater control unit

  1. Heater control unit

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    Removed the heater knob fascia undone the 4 screws , pulled out the unit ,rotated the hot cold knob and presto no movement of the cable just a click as thou something inside is broken off or worn? is this an easy fix by taking the whole unit out to strip the insides or does anybody have one for...
  2. Heater controls

    The pivot behind the hot/cold control has sheared in mine. (2001 T4 2.5TDI) Looking for the heater control unit for an easy swap in. Cheers. James
  3. Heater control unit for '99 T4

    Hi all, Heater control on my T4 has broken where cable meets dial at rear, has anyone got a used replacement out there? VW want a small fortune for new. Cheers in anticipation.