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heater control

  1. Heater Blower / Resistor / Switch

    Hi, First post, so be kind. I've searched all the previous posts on heater blowers / resistors / switches, but I don't think what I'm after has been posted. My blower has packed up, not functioning on any switch setting. I've had the switch out and tested the resistance for each setting...
  2. Heater panel connection t4

    Hi. We have acquired a 1992 t4 trooper with the usual single power control and directional sliders. Although the the heater works, it is only when we hold the knob pushed against the panel...soon as we let go the heater stops! Guessing a poor connection somewhere....anyone else investigated...
  3. Heater temperature cable - part no & method?

    The heater controls (Temperature and Vent Distribution) have always been stiff on my 2009 shuttle (with A/C). I've searched it before and am aware there is an issue with cables. This week the Temp control went completely loose, and it blows cold whatever the position. So now I have to address...
  4. 2000 T4 heater control problem

    Hi Guys, have searched the web but cant find the answer. The control knob for the direction of air flow seems to have broken. basically it was getting a wee bit notchy when you turned from say windscreen to footwell, then recently it started turning easy but it doesnt seem to open the vent to...
  5. T5.1Heater full on or full off only - not a fan problem

    Help needed... Firstly, just to head people off, my heater fan is fine on all speeds, so not the usual problem. My problem is that the temperature control knob has to be on full to get heat (then it belts it out). It turns off on any other setting, even if I adjust it back a fraction. So I...
  6. Heater control unit

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Removed the heater knob fascia undone the 4 screws , pulled out the unit ,rotated the hot cold knob and presto no movement of the cable just a click as thou something inside is broken off or worn? is this an easy fix by taking the whole unit out to strip the insides or does anybody have one for...
  7. Heater control

    Hi all, I have a 2001 T4 1.9 and the dash heater control has just stopped working. Temperature setting control (left hand dial of the three) no longer effects the temp of air flow. Part number is 7D1819045. Can this be repaired? If not, I can't find one one ebay, so does anyone have one...
  8. Please help I've no idea what heater matrix fits my van

    General T4 Chat
    ?? Hi guys I need your help please, I've a 1999 lwb caravelle 2.5 TDI which I've converted into a camper. The drama I'm having is that I know it has a leaking heater matrix but I've no idea what type I require to replace it. Unlike any of the t4's I've seen mine has digital climate control that...
  9. t4 heater switch needed

    Hi there, Im looking for a heater switch for my t4. its just the standard interiour switches with the temperature control in the middle of the three. I heard you can also use a mk4 golf switch panel, is this true? any offers and advise greatly appreciated! got to get this sorted out before the...
  10. Heater problem

    Hi guys. I know there is loads of posts about faulty heaters on here but nothing on here about what I have done to my heater. Basically I've fixed one problem but somehow created another but have no idea why. My heater was fixed on hot all the time so I moved the lever under the expansion bottle...
  11. Heater blower annoyance

    Can anyone tell me why my heater blower in the cab will only blow warm air even when temp knob is turned to cold. Thanks
  12. Heater controls

    The pivot behind the hot/cold control has sheared in mine. (2001 T4 2.5TDI) Looking for the heater control unit for an easy swap in. Cheers. James
  13. Its getting cold

    General Van Chat
    Hi bit of advice please , my heater ain't working . Fan works but even when the engine is warm there is no real warmth can anyone help Regards Exbear:confused:
  14. Heater Control

    General Van Chat
    Heater Control I've taken a broken one out my T4 van (normal problem, the grey lever plastic bit behind the control that links to the cables is broken so will not open and close the radiator valve for heat control). I took it all apart, so in theroy could replace the snapped bit with a part...
  15. hot air control?

    General Technical
    Recently, I've not been able to turn up the heat inside my van. I had it on cooling a few weeks ago, but the dial seemed to get a bit jammed on cold. Since turning it back to heating, it barelys blows out above ambient temperature. Seems like something may have got stuck somewhere? Something...
  16. t4 heater controls

    General T4 Chat
    my heater control unit has packed up on my t4, the heat controler had snapped leaving it on full blast, its now full on swetty betty, any idea where i can get a new console for it, its an 01 plate comercial cheers:ILU:
  17. Heater vents

    General Technical
    Has anybody had this problem ? Hot air is coming out of my side vents i.e the ones near the doors, and the centre one has cold air coming out of it. Doesn't matter what I set the hot / cold temp switch too, it's always the same ? Odd ! :confused:
  18. Heater only works on hot

    Getting to know my T4 and finding the niggles ;) My heater works on all settings, prob is it seems to be stuck on hot as possible. I turn the heater control anti clockwise but it sort of ratchets when you turn it, is it supposed to be a fluid, smooth motion ? anyway whatever you do to the heater...
  19. Heater control probs.

    General T4 Chat
    Hi, anyone had problems with their hot/cold control being really stiff? my one got really hard to rotate past warm, so much so that it went "snap" the other day and now im stuck on cold!! (its a 2000,X by the way). I had the same problem on my old work T4 (that was a 52 plate). has anyone got...