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heater fitting
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  1. T4 Conversions
    Hi all, just looking for some advice as to where to fit the D2.:confused: I know theres stuff on here but seems 50/50 as to where to install. I was going to install externally but read things advising against it etc so was going to put under seat.. but I would still prefer to fit it externally...
  2. General Van Chat
    Hi guys, I'm new to this so bear with me!. I have a 99 t4 and I would like to install a diesel cab heater in the back. Anyone got any experience as to which one is best and where I can get one from?
  3. General Technical
    I am still checking but if my Eberspacher Hydronic D3WZ is dead I am considering replacing it with a D4WSC. Anybody did it? How many things should be replaced in the circuit/pipes? Does the replacement can exploit part of the D3WZ installation? Cheers
  4. T5 Conversions
    Hello Folks, As I'm living in the van three nights a week and the British climate is doing what it does, I've forked out for a heater and am going to spend this weekend fitting it (hopefully not too much of it!). I've several questions to ask the handy DIYers out there, and if any...
1-4 of 4 Results