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  1. Heater valve operation

    General T4 Chat
    1999 1.9TD. Whipped out the EGR pipe the other day and soon after noticed the heater temp dial would only rotate halfway I.e. from the cold position to around 12 o’clock position and therefore deliver no heat. Had a look under the bonnet at the Heater control valve. Without ever seeing the...
  2. Heater control operation

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    1999 1.9TD. Whipped out the EGR pipe the other day and soon after noticed the heater temp dial would only rotate halfway I.e. from the cold position to around 12 o’clock position and therefore deliver no heat. Had a look under the bonnet at the Heater control valve. Without ever seeing the...
  3. No hot air on windscreen/foreword vents

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, I've got a problem on my 2010 T5.1. The fan works on all settings (so not the resistor pack) and I can get the heater working when setting the vents to the footwell/footwell and windscreen setting (dial down or left) but when on the windscreen only (up) or foreword position (right) I...
  4. Smell T4 rear heater

    General Technical
    Hey everyone, first post, after reading the forums for a few months I finally got my hands on a T4 Kombi Petrol from 2004. I removed the mat and the plastic vent on the floor behind the driver seat to do a deep clean and noticed some smell (I think it's coolant) in the cab after driving for 20...
  5. Heater not working on windscreen

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, Just trying to establish if this is normal or not to start with. I've got a '10 plate T5.1 GP I bought last year, with factory fitted AC. Now it's started to get a bit nippy down south I've noticed something funky with my heater. It seems to work fine if the direction is pointed down...
  6. Rear Delphi HVAC - Keep it or remove it!?

    T5 Conversions
    Hey Guys, Recently got a T5 2007 2.5ltr LWB as a new project (moving on from my much loved 2001 T4 SWB). I've stripped everything back and now need to make the decision as to whether I keep or lose the rear HVAC unit. I've no experience of these things and, to be honest, it takes up a fair...
  7. Eberspacher D2 spare connector??

    T4 Conversions
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the spare connector in the picture below is for? It comes from the heater and seems to be additional to the wiring going to the 801 Controller connector Is it something to do with enabling temperature control from my 801 controller as the heater...
  8. MV Airo 2kW Diesel heater kit - New

    Life Style
    Hi, I have for sale a brand new in opened box (unused) MV Airo 2kW 12v Diesel heater kit with all the stuff you need to add diesel space heating to your van. £450 Collection (preferred) or delivery in North West England, unable to post. Located in Chester/Liverpool area. Comes with hole saw...
  9. Propex 1600 compact heater

    eBay Listings
    If Carlsberg sold secondhand Propex Heaters, this is probably the best one you'll see for a very long time. In fact, if you've been thinking of buying one for a while, then now's the time to do it - whilst the sun's splitting the pavements and nobody's thinking of preparing for winter. At least...
  10. Flickering LED's with heater.

    Hi, I have got a T6 with a 110Amp AGM leisure battery installed. This is connected via two 70Amp cables, approx 2M long and with a 60 Amp in-line fuse to a 12 way fusebox with negative bus bar. To this fuse box I have connected some LED ceiling lights that were working perfectly, but after I...
  11. intermittent fan blower

    Hi All I have an intermittent fan problem and its puzzling me. It works lovely when its on and I can adjust the speed, however sometimes without warning it turns off. then at some other random time could be a day later or a few minutes it switches back on. Any ideas? in the throws of winter i've...
  12. T5 LWB 140BHP Highline DSG 14,000 miles £34,950 VW64BUS

    Vans For Sale
    Excellent condition, low mileage full VW service history. We bought the van brand new and had it converted to our specification by Complete Camper Conversions with no expense spared. The van has air conditioning, rear parking sensors and a removalable tow bar. We had LED running lights, chrome...
  13. !*HELP*! Heater not working...just in time for winter!

    Hi there, I am new to the T4 world and just recently picked up a T4 WV1 (Transporter) converted into a camper van. The heater does not work and it's getting so cold here in Freiburg, Germany. I wanted to ask what possible reasons it would have to not work? I've been told maybe it's a fuse or...
  14. Heater run time with new leisure battery, help please.

    Electrical experts, please can you help solve a mystery and check my physics?! :) Here are the details of the setup, Van: 2006 T5 Leisure Battery: VARTA F17 12V 80Ah 740A, almost new, perhaps 3 months old Heater: Webasto Air Top 3500 ST 12V / 56W 3,0 kW Diesel, Factory installed The van...
  15. Windscreen wiper and heater Not working

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    HELP ME PLEASE The Windscreen wipers and and the heater doesn't work unless you manually operate the relay. I have changed the relay, the stalk and nothing works. I also have a problem with the glow plug relay losing its earth. I think these could be connected but not sure. Please Help.
  16. Help needed with fuse locations

    Hi all I have recently bought a 2014 T5.1 but the 12v socket (on top of dash) has stopped working and also the heater blower fan on any speed. I'm assuming they work on the same fuse as they both stopped at the same time? Can anyone tell me where these fuses are located? I've checked fuses in...
  17. 12V Electric cab heater for heat bursts, is it possible?

    I am trying to see if I can get away with electric heating, not for overnight use but when heat bursts are needed (coming back from the surf, before going to sleep, before getting up etc.) Right now I just rev my engine to get the coolant up to temp and than blow 15 minutes from the cab fans...
  18. Just joined, and planning Kombi van conversion

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all, I previously owned a T2 (1982) camper, let it go then stupidly sold it for peanuts. Mistake! Now, with regret hanging over me, I aim to buy a Highline Kombi Van to have it converted. I know little about the spec for vans, hence looking in the forum here, and being impressed by all the...
  19. Heater Matrix

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Guys, New to T4's and recently have discovered that the heater matrix pipes have been bridged off. Im guessing this means it has been leaking? Is there any other reason why someone would of done this? Looking on the forum I have found that this can be tricky job to do and I think this could...
  20. Fridge, heater, leisure battery in caravelle/multivan

    General T5 Chat
    So have you caravelle/multivan owners out there installed a fridge, overnight heater and leisure battery to your van? If so where have you fitted them so that you still have the flexibility of the rail seating and conversion to a bed? Thanks for any info. Pics would be good too T: