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  1. Coolant Change Problem - Can anyone help please!?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Good afternoon.. Did the usual Oil Change on my Van today, figured while I had the under tray off, I would give the coolant a flush and change as I haven't done this since buying the van. I dropped all the old coolant out and flushed through the radiator with a hose. I refilled the system...
  2. Mr Toozers doing the Webasto install in my van today

    General T5 Chat
    A:A: Super excited to be getting some heating in the van along with the ability to text it to warm it up.
  3. Heating at altitude

    T5 Conversions
    Hi All, I have searched a lot (as I'm sure most OP's do, and I await the posts I missed....) but not seen much to answer my question. I am planning on using my van for trips to the Alps, therefor I am looking at installing a heater. I planned on installing a propex one, probably a HS2000, as...
  4. Eberspacher Heater in a 2001 Caravelle?! WTF?!

    Hi All!! I have just discovered that my 2001 2.5 Caravelle has an Eberspacher heater buried in the guts of the engine bay - can anyone advise what this does exactly? I thought that Eberspacher' were powered by diesel to provide heating, but I can't understand how it's used in my vehicle?! I wish...
  5. Help Identifying This Component Please!

    Hi All, can anyone help me identify this part under my 2001 Caravelle? It's underneath, behind the drivers seat, and I believe it is part of the heating for the passengers in the back? The case is damaged and I need a new one, but I don't know it's called or what I should ask for? Any help...
  6. Improving aircon and heating to rear of van

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Total newbie here, first time on the forum. T: I have just bought my first VW, a T4 LWB panel van:ILU:. I am converting it to a family/dog friendly vehicle, windows, seats and storage in the back etc... My question is, will the aircon/heating in the front for the van be enough for...
  7. Van heating and hot water... help please :)

    T5 Conversions
    So after having our beloved campervan written off by someone crashing into the side of it :blg we're now in the process of a complete new van conversion :jiggy Now we do a LOT of winter wild camping in the Scottish highlands and one thing we wished we'd had on our previous van was heating! As...
  8. No aor coming thru vents

    General T5 Chat
    We bought a t5 and are having trouble with the fan as it blows hot n it blows cold well I say blow it only blows any air out when its set to screen any of the other vents work with it been hot when we bought it we made the mistake of not trying the fan on the van does anyone have a clue what's...
  9. Heating T6 Transporter Load Area

    Hey guys, I'm new here so first of all hello! I have recently bought a T6 / 28 Highline SWB panal van, and am looking for advice on heating the load area. Basically we have to move reptiles and the like around and need it to be kept warm in the back. There's currently no insulation or...
  10. Eberspacher- Inside or out?

    T4 Conversions
    Hi all, just looking for some advice as to where to fit the D2.:confused: I know theres stuff on here but seems 50/50 as to where to install. I was going to install externally but read things advising against it etc so was going to put under seat.. but I would still prefer to fit it externally...
  11. Suitable Heater Options

    Hey all! We've owned our self converted T5 for a few months and so far being cold hasn't been an issue thankfully! However, over the weekend, although being in bed was lovely and toasty, the air temperature in the van was less than desirable with the snow outside. We've been looking at heating...
  12. T5.1Heater full on or full off only - not a fan problem

    Help needed... Firstly, just to head people off, my heater fan is fine on all speeds, so not the usual problem. My problem is that the temperature control knob has to be on full to get heat (then it belts it out). It turns off on any other setting, even if I adjust it back a fraction. So I...
  13. caravel rear heater

    FREE Stuff
    this is a heating box from a caravel it is from the rear of the van. all in good working order.
  14. Interior heater very hot and losing coolant t4 1.9d ...help!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys, Firstly, my temp guage wasnt working and the van started overheating as the rad fans werent working. Had to turn interior heating on full to keep the temp down (air was SERIOUSLY hot) Ive had all the sensors and the thermostat changed and now i can hear the fans kicking in once temp...
  15. made me a woodburning bomb :)

    General T4 Chat
    Seen one of these for sale at vanjamboree so cant take credit for originality. However it git me off my ass to learn to weld. Incase your wondering its an old gas canister upside down. Tried it tonight. Kicks out some right heat and is sealed so is allowed on camp sites :) just feel the need to...
  16. Mad conversion idea 2: Low tech heating with Paraffin.

    T5 Conversions
    We want to camp in the van into “3 seasons”, and although I used to tent camp in snow, that was 25 years ago; these days I would like some sort of heater, but feel the £300-800 for an Eberspacher/ Webasto would be expensive for the few extra nights per year. I’ve also noticed how when you...
  17. Caravelle T5 Rear Heating / A/C Fan Issue

    Hello all! I am new to this game so hope this goes to plan... I have recently become the very proud owner of a T5 Caravelle after many years of lusting! The van is generally in very good condition for a 2004 model, but it does have one irritating fault. There is a fan motor in each front door...
  18. Blowers not working

    One and two position on the heating ain't working is easy to sort out any ideas would be appreciated .
  19. Boiler fault help/advice needed

    The Pub
    This morning my wife went in the shower, the boiler was making a rattling noise and the water/pressure had gone right down. I topped it back up to 1.2 bar and we've got heating, just can't get any hot water. The pressure is somewhere up to around 2.2, the hot water comes and goes varying...
  20. Multivan T5 heating issue (digital control)

    Hi, I've been having in issue on the car, for which I have not found similar thread anywhere. The car has a digital/automatic heater control (the car is 2004 T4 Multivan). Even with the motor running at full speed, the front air vents do not pas too much air. The air blow is really lame. Also...