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  1. General Van Chat
    Isee lots of people ask about size of their van, particularly with & withoutmirrors or with mirrors folded.....and I think I have found the answer Searchthe web for "Body Builders Technical Drawings" these are usedby others to design new fixings and bodes and there you willfind files detailing...
  2. Steering & Suspension
    I have a LWB T30 which was converted by Camper King, it now rides low at the rear compared to the front. I didn't realise the conversion would make so much difference, but it does! I'm looking at upgrading the rear springs to T32 ones, in the hope it levels things up. Does anybody know if this...
  3. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Will it fit my garage? I am test driving a 2001 vw T4 2.5 TDi (88) LWB tomorrow. I know most details about it but nowhere can I find the vehicle's dimensions. It is a high top van and I would like to know the length, width & height. Can anyone help please? Thank you
  4. European and Foreign Travel
    Hi, We're taking the van to France this week and booked the Euro Tunnel, my mate goes over in his Range Rover Vogue and books it as a car. I've booked the van as the same but it's bang on the limit for the height. I want to take the bikes to France but they go way over the height do the kids...
1-4 of 4 Results