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    Hi to all t5 gurus and fans. I emotionally bought a metallic blue 2009 T5 with no recent history, and little info on whats been done to it by previous owner. I hate myself a little for liking it so much, but wondered if anyone could enlighten me on what checks I could do to confirm a) If the...
  2. T5 Conversions
    Hi there, I've just brought a T5 and am trying to find out the company who converted it. I've been told it was "Rims" in Nottingham - converted it back in 2008. But i can't seem to find these guys. Does anybody know anything about them?
  3. General Technical
    Hi all, Well I think I have found my 1st T4 with the spec I want! Its a 2000/X 2.5TDi LWB on 224k, but there's no service book with it, the guy says he has receipts for a clutch, cambelt, & discs & pads 15k ago, but nothing else apart from a few receipts! If I go to a VW dealer can they tell me...
  4. General T4 Chat
    My vans in my local VW dealers this morning for a "medium" service at 143,000 miles……last one was a "small" at 138k. I'm just inclined to get the van a good once over by a dealer as I've just bought it a 3 weeks ago and am hoping they give it a clean bill of health and nothing major is needing...
  5. T4 Articles & Information
    VW and MAN join forces in 1977 to produce a medium sized truck - a market that is untapped by Volkswagen and not visited by MAN since the 1960's, having concentrated on heavier trucks, with partner Saviem of France, from 1968 to 1975 (when Saviem joined Berliet at Renault). 1978 VW's LT...
  6. T4 Articles & Information
    Volkswagen Chronicles: the official Vw history released by the VW press office. [Volkswagens Official History: Click Here]
  7. T4 Articles & Information
    Researching VW's early history - an area well covered, I know - led me to ponder on why and how the Transporter has enjoyed our favour for so long. So much information has been lost over the years and little has been written about the light trucks and vans that emerged after the Second World War...
  8. T4 Articles & Information
    T4 Terminology Ah yes, Volkswagen (that's pronounced faulks - vargen and means "People's Car") terminology. For those who are new to the Forum and VW Life The five generations of the VW Transporters are now known as: T1 1950 to 1967 (Europe) / 1975 (South Africa, South America) An early...
1-8 of 9 Results