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  1. Gas pipe for hob inside a rear pod 2009 T32 2.5 Tdi LWB Tailgate

    LWB Garage (All Versions)
    Hi I have an underslung LPG tank install near spare wheel and a HSE2000 heater underslung beneath the drivers seat, and a BBQ point to the rear of the van. For various reasons I have decided to build a "pod" at the rear which will allow the hob and sink to be pulled out when required. 2...
  2. SMEV 9222 - opinions please?

    T4 Conversions
    Hi everyone! I'm after getting some gas in the van and I'm thinking a Smev 9222 is the way to go Currently got a Smev 8005 sink on its own and it's almost as expensive to get a separate hob than to get a whole shiny new unit that looks pretty good. I'm after buying one (in the next few...
  3. Which hob and sink unit to slide out from under Rnr bed?

    T5 Conversions
    Hello guys, Another thread on hob and sink units. We're in the initial stages of conversion and have bought a tailgate van, specifically as we'd like our hob and sink fitted in a drawer that slides out the back of the van from under the full width RnR bed. I've found a chap that will make our...
  4. Kitchen unit (definitely home-made!)

    Parts For Sale
    I'm moving to New Zealand in July so the van had to go :( I built this kitchen unit as a removable module and it served me well on my trips to France and around the UK. It's definitely home-made and I know it doesn't look pretty but it worked as a fridge, sink and stove when I needed it to...
  5. Certified Gas engineers near Bristol / botched job needs fixing

    T4 Conversions
    Hi guys I was wondering if any of you knew of any gas engineers near Bristol that could also provide a certificate for their work and make sure it's safe? I had a conversion company fit out be back of my vanish year including gas and they did a shoddy job. The gas pipe goes across the chamber at...
  6. Kitchen t5 pod with smev 9222 brand new !!

    Parts For Sale
    Pod now sold still have top locker available !! Custom top locker custom made for a t5 and is the exact width to fit over the top of the window in drivers side made from grey vohringer ply. Its designed to attach to the van contours, as it sits above window the pre wired led lights built into...
  7. Smev hob wiring

    Hello, I just got hold of a second-hand smev, 8003 I believe it is, however it has electronic ignition but none of the wires. So if anyone has a smev hob with electronic ignition I would appreciate it if they could take photo of the underside so I can work out where the wires should run...
  8. Webasto diesel cookers

    Part Suppliers
    www.webasto.co.uk A bit pricey at the moment but a way forward if you don't want gas... They also do parking heaters, as an alternative to the Eberspacher and hot water systems (on the Australian site)...