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  1. General Van Chat
    Work have installed a few EV charge points for EV users and there are always ones spare. Knowing that my current short commute use of my T5 (07 plate) isn't doing either my starter or leisure battery any good -i'm curious as to whether i can use the EV charge points to bring my batteries...
  2. Electrical
    I want to install electrical hook-up in my T4. What I was thinking was a trailing blue socket in behind the false fog lamp, leading to an in-line RCD (http://cpc.farnell.com/masterplug/ilrcdng/rcd-inline-safety-adaptor/dp/PL14217) leading to a standard domestic 4way socket block with usb ports...
  3. Electrical
    Just finished installing consumer unit 240v Hookup to feed sockets. Tv,fridge, led light and aux running off leisure battery (125ah) split relayed. What i want to do is add an 600w Inverter and a 10amp charger in between ,so i can charge leisure battery when on hookup and have the use of 240...
  4. Electrical
    Hi folks Im planning to put in a Double socket on my kick board with plastic cover & cable clamps is it ok just to wire the socket to a 3 pin 13A plug then plug that it into a Mobile Triple RCD hookup which is through the foglight . Would I need an extra earth bolted to van incase of wire...
  5. Electrical
    Hi I am looking at putting my electrics in and where to put the 240 inlet socket. I have considered under the bonnet but was wondering if anyone had done the rear panel under the lights and if so if they had pictures and advice on how they did it. Thanks Phil
  6. Electrical
    Hi, What is the best route for my Autosparks split charge system & my 240v hookup (to be mounted in front fog light unit) to go through the engine bulkhead? The hole for the bonnet release cable does not look big enough to all fit in. There is another hole on the passenger side which emerges...
  7. The Pub
    just bought a Masterplug camping cable reel with rcd cut out......15m cable £29.99 b&q cwmbran........looks good for the price with 2 weather proof sockets..... we can plug a heater in now and camp in the colder weather...as well as keep the beers cold!!T:
  8. Parts For Sale
    Mains hookup box - neat and small. One trip out unit and about as small as you can get, so perfect for campervans. Used but good working order. £15 delivered to UK address
  9. Parts For Sale
    Striplight - 12v, low consumption, push switch on end, simple to fit - just 2 wires from baseplate. £10 delivered Flush fit mains hookup socket box - as new condition. 16amp blue plug inlet for electric on site. Fits recess 137mm x 70mm x 60mm deep. Face size 160mm x 100mm. £10 delivered PM...
1-9 of 9 Results