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  1. Horn issue.

    Evening all. Horns just died. 1997 t4. Got an air horn fitted which I know is good but have an aftermarket steering wheel and boss. Removed wheel yesterday and found one terminal of horn switch wired to steering column and the other terminal has a wire leading to nothing. Can anyone tell me how...
  2. Horn sounds when indicating left

    Hi, I have a 2007 2.5TDI T5 So a very intermittent fault, here are the symptoms when in fault condition when turning left the horn sounds high speed wipers do not work Int wipers are just normal speed wipers (on continuously) unable to turn on hazard lights when the fault condition stops it...
  3. Help with my VW T4 horn

    Hello, so I have recently bought a T4 panel van/day camper conversion, having been through and sorted some minor electrical faults I am stumped with the horn. I have tested the horn and discovered it is broken, I have a new one now, my issue is I cannot find the wire in the steering wheel wire...
  4. T4 Horn problem. Not contact ring related.

    Hi all. I have a problem with my 2003 T4 horn which is somewhat perplexing. I thought it was the contact ring as it was certainly well worn out and the horn only worked when turning corners, whether I pressed the button or not. Very embarrassing. I have therefore replaced the contact ring and...
  5. Horn Spring Dimensions?

    My van recently decided not to start, so I got towed to the nearest VW garage and fleeced for a new ignition switch. However the monkeys have failed to reassemble the steering wheel, and the horn no longer works. I suspect this is because it's missing the spring connectors to complete the...
  6. fuses in engine compartment

    I've got a t4 caravelle 2001 model. And I've a problem with the horn, so temporarily I'm going to take the horn fuse out until the problem is sorted. I can't find the fuse box though. My booklet says there's one in the engine compartment, but it doesn't seem to say where it is? Anybody know?
  7. Trouble with the Horn!

    I've got a t4 Caravelle 2001. The horn has been most annoyingly 'tooting' intermittently - seemed to bear some relation to the turning of the steering wheel. I've taken the wheel off and had a look - there's the horn ring - that all looked ok. I cleaned it up, and everything else , then...
  8. A problem with the HORN

    I've got a t4 Caravelle 2001. The horn has been most annoyingly 'tooting' intermittently - seemed to bear some relation to the turning of the steering wheel. I've taken the wheel off and had a look - there's the horn ring - that all looked ok. I cleaned it up, and everything else , then...
  9. My horn keeps tooting!!!

    So. I've a caravelle 2001 t4. Only had it a few weeks. The horn keeps going off when I'm not touching it! Its intermittent and seems to bear no relation to anything I'm doing unless, sometimes it feels as though maybe it does it more when I'm turning the steering wheel a little to the right...
  10. Fault with wipers, born, indicators and interior light

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, I have been having an issue with a recurring electrical fault. Basically I loose wipers, indicators, horn and interior light for a random period of time, between a day and two weeks. This tends to happen about 3 or 4 times a year and can be really frustrating. It does seem to happen...
  11. T4 horn press broken

    Steering & Suspension
    I have a 97 T4 (no air bag) and the horn press mechanism in the steering wheel is broken and bent. Can anyone suggest an easy replacement steering wheel type, which doesnt involve too much mucking around to get it to work? Or where to get an original 97 type t4 steering wheel? Or how to fix the...
  12. Oh No! Another Horn thread!

    Oh No! Another Horn thread! - Now With Fix Hi all So far I read maybe 18 threads on the subject but not one has this symptom. Today I pushed the horn to let a pheasant know I was coming and nothing.. It had worked just the other day when I had to use it to save some backing into me in a...
  13. Airbag Light and Fault Code

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello folks, Had the airbag light on constantly for a long time now on my 2005 T5 1.9 tdi and need to get rid of it. I had the steering wheel off to replace the indicator/wiper module, and I may have upset something. I have a cheap vagcom cable and vcds lite which give the error code 00588 -...
  14. Faulty horn, honks on its own?

    Hi. While driving along in town tonight, my horn started beeping on its own….i thought it was someone behind me at first and thought they must be awful close becuase the sound was so clear……turns out it was mine lol. It was just random, very short blips, no pattern or regularity, lasting not...
  15. Airbag warning light flashing / horn not working

    Morning Lads, Apologies if wrong forum. I have an 06 t5. Airbag light flashing and the horn is not working. I stuck on the vagcom and got (driverside airbag ignitor (n95)). Resistance to great. Im assuming its a short. Is there a way a diy'er can sort this out? Im thinking the short is at end...
  16. HELP! Steering Wheel Horn

    General Technical
    I have a VW T4 800 Special, everything seems to be fine except The steering wheel push plate horn only works when im full lock left or full lock right, does anyone know why? and how to fix this please.
  17. Alarm randomly triggered

    Hi, Wondered if anyone can help. I have a 54 plate T5 LWB converted panel van. My alarm is randomly going off, sometimes once every few weeks sometimes several times a day. Here are some key facts: 1. I have recently fixed the common central locking problem with the corroded joint under the...
  18. horn

    cannot get it to work had the horn of and earthed the wire today still nothing any ideas
  19. horn not working t4 caravelle

    hello people been some time since i last came on here,hoping you guys can help me out once again,my horn is not working on my bus ,ive checked all the fuses and im still not getting any power at the horn cables????the relay is clicking when i press the horn,ive tested the horn and its fine,just...
  20. standard horn is intermittent

    I have a t4 transporter the horn has always been intermittent and Ive finally got some time to sort it can anyone advise me on where to start???