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  1. Steering & Suspension
    I'm no mechanic but am I right in thinking this isn't supposed to be like this? Does anyone know anywhere you can buy a single replacement H&R 29270-1 rear spring without buying a full set? Also, should this have happened in the first place - is it just a function of ageing or was it likely...
  2. Steering & Suspension
    Bought a set of h&r springs to fit to 2012 t5.1 startline. Springs are well short to fit in standard strut..spring loose in strut when tightened up. I ordered the set to suit front axle up to 1500kg..other option was suit over 1500kg.. Should I have ordered the others.. Any help Much appreciated
  3. Parts For Sale
    Hello! I purchased a new set of H&R 40mm springs for my T5.1GP But after a discussion with my local VW garage i'll no longer fit them... :( My van is a 2015 plate, covered by vw warranty, vw have told me they wont cover pretty much anything under warranty if i have a problem... for this reason...
  4. Steering & Suspension
    I have a choice between H&R 40mm's and Eibach 50mm springs. I've used the H&R's before and they give a decent ride with mild drop. I am debating whether the extra 10mm drop is worth the extra £200 or so on the Eibach green springs? I'd appreciate some views on this dilemma....
  5. Steering & Suspension
    Hi. New to this. I bought a set of h&r 40mm lowering springs and my van has only lowered about 25 in front and 20 mm at rear. I done a little bit of research and found that I should of bought 29270-1 instead off 29270 -4 as my front and rear axle weights is 2500kg. The guy I bought them off on...
  6. Steering & Suspension
    Hi I love my standard 2011 T5 Caravelle 2.0d 140 SWB, but I would like it a bit lower - nothing drastic just to make it a better looking and hopefully firm up the ride a little. Any advice please? I was looking at VW Sportline springs, but now thinking H&R. They seem more popular for...
  7. Steering & Suspension
    Hi just thought I would mention we fit H&R 40mm Springs he to all our vans They seem to be the best without losing to much ride comfort We also offer supply & fit £375 inc vat £195 springs only Thanks if you need any help give us a shout www.leightoncars.co.uk. T:
  8. Engine & Gearbox
    I'd just like to give Terry at TH performance in Fareham and Martin at Pendle Performance a big thank you for getting my van running like a dream today!! I took the van down to Terry's (one of Martins agents) for a remap, DPF delete and to fit a set of H&R lowering springs! Terry did all the...
  9. Steering & Suspension
    I want to lower my van a bit more I have been told that astra mk4 van springs will do the job any ideas???
  10. Steering & Suspension
    Had the van lowered using H&R 40mm lowering springs this week, really happy with the result. Before and after pics.
1-10 of 10 Results