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  1. design needed for rear overhead speaker cabinets for 6.5" coax

    I am chuffed that I have just purchased sub and rear speakers from Absolut. so I have a complete ice install ready to go However here is my dilemma - I have a full camper conversion with side furniture , Absolut recommended pointing the rears forward for the best sound and I have searched...
  2. Skoda Columbus/RNS 510 Sound Issues

    Evening all First post here as new to T5 world, having bought a 60-plate kombi conversion in August and loving it so far. I took delivery of a Skoda Columbus head unit from eBay having done lots of research to be sure it's just a Skoda-labelled RNS 510. It took a tiny bit of fettling to fit...
  3. To all you audiophiles out there ....... is this possible

    Hi all, I've had an idea in my head for quiet a while now on how I want my audio system set up. Firstly, I don't want to rush out and buy a whole pile of new kit. I have a decent Pioneer head unit, mediocre dash speakers and door speakers in padded door pockets ....... currently it sounds...
  4. Kenwood 600w amp & 12" Sub. Sony 250w amp & 11"Sub

    Maystar 12" sub, really well made sub. With proper push connectors. £20 + postage Sony amplifier 2\1 ch amp. Low pass filter 80hz £25 + postage Kenwood sub 12" in a non ported professional built box. £40 + postage Kenwood stereo bridgeable 600watt amp, low pass filter £45 +...
  5. Stereo speaker wires HELP

    Does anybody know where the dash speakers plug into the back of the stereo ie in the plastic wire block as there doesn't seem to be any wires connected to mine at the mo:*:*:*:* thx D
  6. Speaker upgrade for a T5 '12 plate advice.

    Hi there, I have seen ( but cannot find again ) speaker upgrades that fit in the existing locations. 2012 T5 T28 SWB. Can anyone give me advice n this please ? I have swapped the standard radio for a RCD310 and it sounds better, but not that great . Any advice or pics welcome. Thanks, Dan
  7. Reccommended ICE please

    Hey all Quick little story for ya, my daughter had an old music centre which died, we threw away the main unit but the speakers somehow got left in the garage. I recently came across them, and as there were speaker wires sitting behind my seats in the van, for a bit of fun we wired the...
  8. Rosita the Party-van build... Built Not Bought!

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Rosita the Party-van build... First thing I feel I must say... I'm big on BUILT NOT BOUGHT, so if it's physically and financially possible for me to make it, I will. I'd recommend it to anyone, the satisfaction is immense! I have no professional qualifications, just enthusiasm, power tools...
  9. MK4 Golf Boot ICE Install

    VAG Parts For Sale
    I am selling this MK4 boot build. Came out of a standard MK4 with the spare removed. This is a quality bit of kit. Custom made for the MK4. The top section has been designed to protect the sub but also allow viewing of the amps you can fit to the middle section. Obviously this could easily be...
  10. Door speaker pods

    Just come across these on fleabay and wondered what peoples views on them were. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/260725152763?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 I like the look of the audisport ones which I will probably end up getting - slight change of priority at moment since van...
  11. Sony Stereo

    Sony CDX CA90 stereo for sale. Radio and CD player. With remote so it can be controlled from the back of your van. In perfect working order. The only downside is one or two of the small plastic clips on the black facia surround are broken, but this can be easily stuck down with tape (as seen in...
  12. advice for components + overall ICE setup

    Hi Guys, Just after some pointers really from the ICE guys,, OK Ive just bought a set of vibe QB69 6x9 off ebay new for £48 – I intend on the usual mounting place just under bed. Do I need to enclose that unit with mdf ie around the 6x9s? Also I plan to run them off an old (hardly...
  13. Any1 rate these ????

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all Has any1 had 1 of these units and how do u rate them ...
  14. Pioneer deh-p600bt head unit full Bluetooth handsfree and streaming

    Hi am selling my pioneer head unit it's a p600bt has full Bluetooth built in for calls and streaming music so ideal for iPhone 3G/3GS/4G. Mic for calls not included. Can also connect via aux and I'll include a meter long cable to do this. All connection cables are included and I'm pretty sure...
  15. In Van Entertainment

    General Van Chat
    I'm about to order a flip down TV for the van. Whilst looking I found some sun visor DVD players. I thought I could install one for the misses who gets a bit bored on long journeys. I've measured our visor and it's about 60cm long. All the visors I can see are between 30 and 42cm. a) Has anybody...
  16. Spent the weekend putting up shelves..

    ...into my van. Provides useful extra storage for maps, remotes etc. I've also fitted Sunvisor screens / DVDs to the underside. Still to make the centre panel, which will house the courtesy light / sunroof switch and buttons for the Freeview box. The reduction in headroom is not an issue...
  17. Leisure battery and ICE amp

    Excuse what might seem to be a dumb question but being a bit long in the tooth I'm a bit behind in 'in car entertainment' terms. When I were a lad we used to do other things in the back of motors than listen to music..... I'm about to fit some additional speakers in the back of the van and I...
  18. In Dash DVD player

    Just thought id share this with other people thinking of doing the same thing!:cool: Bought this Eonon DVD/CD/MP3/TV/BlueTooth player off weeBay for £150 brand new. http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/eonon/ Reasonable enough quality, excellent picture & sound and fits VERY nicely in front of T4 with...
  19. ICE suggestions, anyone?

    The new van needs some ICE. It's currently set up with the factory-fit radio/cass head unit and four speaker (all front). This is our wish list: lighting colour scheme to match blue/red VW instruments (this is Mrs P's particular requirement!) DAB radio (plus aerial?) MP3 (i.e. aux) input...
  20. Portable satellite systems.

    I have been considering a satellite TV set up for the van, they vary from about £50 to nearly £1000:eek: Dont know much about them but just wondered if anyone had any experience of using one?, Are they easy to set up?, Are they worth having? and does price reflect quality or will a cheaper...