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ikea diodes leds
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  1. Electrical
    IKEA diode lights have changed so that the power cable enters through the side, making it very difficult to hide cable, so had to take mines back, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced set of spot lights for My roof? Thanks in advance
  2. Electrical
    Im going to attempt to wire up my LEDs this weekend. I have cut into the existing interior light loom and run 3 cables (12v live, perm earth & switched earth to the location i want to place my switch. I have got a 3 way, centre off switch from a motorhome shop and will be running these lights...
  3. Electrical
    Hi I know it's been covered, but I'm fitting a set of the Ikea Dioder 12v lights. I've just tested them with power from the leisure battery with an on/off switch. At first the blew the 10a fuse but are working on a 15a. Do I need to fit a regulator? If not should I fuse them with a 20a fuse...
  4. Electrical
    In my rear cupboard I had the Ikea white LED strips run through a regulator which works great. I have two strips joined together. Now comes the problem. I would like to have cupboard lighting in my under sink cupboard as at night it can be difficult to see in there for things or the water...
  5. Electrical
    Am planning on fitting a set of these to my bus next week. I will be removing the original interior lights in the rear and using these. They will be switched so they can be permanently on/off/or door activated. I will be using the original interior lighting supply to power them. The Ikea site...
1-5 of 5 Results