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immobiliser bypass

  1. Ignition Barrel.

    Hello, could somebody please shed some light on my situation please? I have a VW T4 1.9td. I put my key into the ignition and turned for the van to start, nothing happened. Dash lights stuck on even when key removed. Phoned AA, said it could be the barrel. He showed me how to start the van via...
  2. 2001 t4 1.9 wont start

    General Technical
    Hi my van was fine last night went out to start today and it turns but no firing, I have had no problems with slow starting otherwise would of suspected glow plugs, took off induction and tried the hair dryer trick to put warm air in too with no result, cracked off a injector and there is no...
  3. ECU immobiliser bypass price?

    Hi again, My immobiliser has packed up on my 1.9 AHU TDI converted 800 special. Has anyone paid to have their ECU reprogrammed to bypass the immobiliser? If so, how much should I expect? Am in Kent if anyone on here does it. Ideally, I want to replace the ECU, immobiliser, receiving collar...
  4. Bypass immobiliser on a T4 - could someone send me the info again :)

    Was sent a email/PM on how to bypass VW T$ 1997 immobiliser, now that i need it, i cant find it, So could someone send it me again, thanks Mick