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  1. Cost of exporting T4 to Switzerland

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    I've just move jobs to Switzerland, and was considering bringing my converted van over. However the more I read about it the more expensive it looks to be and the more confused I get! Has anyone exported/imported their van from UK to Switzerland? Any ideas on how much it would actually cost...
  2. UK Spec T4 Multivans - how many were made?

    General Van Chat
    As Multivan prices seem to have gone bonkers, I'm looking at vans from across the channel. Out of interest, how many RHD vans were made? I'm trying to justify the RHD premium (or not) in my head!!
  3. Importing a Van from Germany ??

    General Van Chat
    Has anyone any experience if doing this ? Buying a van in Germany and driving it back to register here. I have the vehicle import pack from the DVLA, but a couple of things I am unsure about. One is insurance and road tax to drive it home, 1000+ miles on the continent and 300+ miles here...
  4. Minimum requirements to register as a campervan

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi everyone, Is it necessary to have a plumbed in sink with a tap and a two burner gas hob in a campervan conversion. I know all about the requirements for the seats, beds, tables and lockers. I have seen the SMEV combination sink and 1 burner hob. Has anyone fitted this and had it approved...
  5. Certificate of Conformity - FREE

    T4 Articles & Information
    We've now embarked on the perilous route of registering our '98 Velle in France, a tiring task dealing with local bureaucracy :confused: Anyway to get the deed done we needed a Certificate of Conformity, stating that the T4 was up to the normal EU regs. After a quick look at the excellent French...
  6. Vehicle conformaty Certificate

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Does anybody know where I can aquire one as I am exporting my T4 to Frane and registering it over there. I would rather not got to VW due to high cost, does anybody know anywhere else I can aquire one? Cheers Dickspanner