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  1. bulb failure light in dashboard on after towbar removal t5.1

    Hi all, I have spent the afternoon removing the towbar from my t5.1 and I have created a problem... The bulb failure/ lighting system orange fault light on the dashboard is lit. When I indicate left or right the dashboard green indicators flash at double time...all the outside actual...
  2. VW T5 Indicator and Hazards not working

    Hi all, I have seen a number of thread all of which I have tried but with no joy. My T5 rear lights were not working the other day, I since have managed through taking the clusters off and got the brake, side lights & reversing lights working through removing and placing back the bulbs...
  3. indicator problem

    Hi All, left hand indicator works fine UNLESS you have lights on at same time in which case it more or less stays permanently on. To be accurate, it stays on but varies slightly in intensity. Same with hazard lights. Have looked at the lighting cluster ; no corrosion evident, fuses OK,. I assume...
  4. Right Indicator stops engine!?

    Hi I'm Tom and I'm the owner of a 1.9 TDI T4. I bought the van around four months ago and have had a few issues to put right but non of them electrical so far. However, as of about two weeks ago when I indicate the engine completely cuts out. It doesn't happen every time, it is often when I fist...
  5. Side Lights come on on their own!

    Hey everyone, Hoping someone might be able to help. I have an intermittent fault with the sidelights on the nearside. With the ignition off, light switch set to 0, and locked, after a while the nearside side lights come on. Open the drivers door and you get the alarm to tell you that lights are...
  6. Swiss T5 T6 Indicator Mirror Caps

    Customising / Modding
    New product for Swiss Vans Mirror caps with indicator lenses These are a simple fit and wore into the existing indicators New line arriving new few months in volume Trade enquires welcome RRP £105 + VAT + Postage unpainted
  7. Confusing!!!!!!!!

    Evening all. Need a bit of help with some dodgy indicators. If i indicate left it flashes normally but the right hand side flashes dull in between left flashes and it is also the same when i indicate right. Hazards work normally, bought a new set of stalks so thats not the problem. Any ideas...
  8. Post 96 indicator stalk on a 95 van?

    Asking for one of our number who seems to have lost the ability to post on here... Will a post 96 indicator stalk fit a 95 t4?
  9. HELP ASAP!!! Central locking failure and indicator light

    Hi all, Having a bit of a panic as night approaches! today i have installed a split charge system under my drivers seat which involved taking out the dash, seats and bases, pulling back the mat. Thought everything went ok but when i put it all back together the central locking doesnt work and...
  10. Indicator issues.

    General T4 Chat
    Hello, I have a bit of a problem with my passenger side indicator. When I am signalling to go left and then apply the brake, the indicator stop working and only the brake lights come on. And when I left my foot off the brake. Off go the brake lights and the indicator starts flashing again. Any...
  11. das indicator lights not working but indicators + hazards both work

    Hi all the little green indicator lights in my dashboard that flash in time with the indicators have suddenly both stopped working..the indicators and hazards both function normally though as does everything else in the dash..apart from a temperamental temp gauge. Any ideas where to start...
  12. High Beam stuck on

    Can anyone tell me how to take the steering column apart on a T5 2009. I need to get to the front light – high beam/indicator stick Any suggestions?
  13. T4 indicator stalk

    Parts For Sale
    Standard indicator stalk off a 2000 T4 (so the later rounded 96-on type) for sale. Changed due to fitting Cruise Control. In really good condition - the markings are not worn off like some you see. £5 + 2 post PM me
  14. indicators aren't flashing...

    ...they're just continuously on, there's no clicking noise, or any noises at all and all the bulbs are working. Has anyone got any ideas? I'm suspecting that it's the relay so I'm just going to go ahead and order the part but any suggestions and especially advice on identifiying which one the...
  15. Clear Indicator change?

    General T4 Chat
    I may be joining the ranks of the clinically stupid, but i have finally got around to purchasing clear indicators, I know they should have been got a lot earlier but I now cannot seem to work out how the front light cluster comes off to change over the lenses. I spoke to the local VW commercial...
  16. key to relays on 2002 2.5TDI - help please?

    General Technical
    Hi i've just bought a 2002 2.5TDI-102 LWB high-roof. ex-fire brigade bright red ;-). my first VW since an X-reg T25 when i was a kid! all great but the flasher relay has gone. the handbook and the brooklands workshop manual both give fusebox layout but no key to the relays. and for some...