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  1. Interior
    Hi guys The indicator switch on my T4 camper van was playing up then stopped working. First they would work intermittently, then completely stopped along with the hazard warning lights. I checked fuses and all seemed ok, so I purchased a new indicator switch lever. I have replaced the switch...
  2. Electrical
    Hi guys, hoping someone here can can advise or point me in the right direction regarding a current issue I'm experiencing with my 65 plate T5. On a recent trip to Devon I got pulled by a driver who informed me that no brake lights were working (including the high level). When I got out and...
  3. Electrical
    Hi All, My van came with some fandango headlight gubbins (DRL, Devil Eyes?) which my MOT tester has informed me will fail this year due to the lack of a repeater bump. I've trawled this forum looking for the easiest way to proceed and I'm now of the opinion that replacement with an original...
  4. Electrical
    Hi Chaps, Indicator lights stuck on solid, locking system not working after jump start. I feel they are related, looked at the fuses but was dark last night but surely if it was a fuse issue the lights wouldn't be on but I haven't a clue about mechanics in general never mind cambus systems etc...
  5. Electrical
    Hey all, Just bought my first t4 and I've ran into my first issue and I've been googling for the last hour. Went to drive home from work and found the indicators on solid and really bright, there was also some beeping when I opened the door. Tried using the indicator stalk and nothing happened...
  6. Electrical
    Slight problem, went to indicate right yesterday and the signal didn't blink, in fact it stayed on even when the indicator stalk was back to central...and continued to stay on even when the engine was turned off. I know nothing about the electrical dark arts, so did a bit of digging on here and...
  7. Electrical
    Hi I've just hooked up a halfords bike rack on my tow bar and now I get a loud beeping noise when using the indicators or hazard lights. (Is this normal?). I assume the van is beeping to let me know the light board on the bike rack is working ok. My question is can the volume of the beeping be...
  8. Swap Shop
    Hi i am after a set of standard vw orange indicators for my t4 i have a new set of clear with chrome bulbs to swap !
  9. Electrical
    Hi I have recently purchased a 1996 t4 westfalia and only just noticed the hazards do not work. The indicators work fine when the switch is in as soon as you push the switch to activate the hazards the indicators stop working and the hazards do not come on. Any sugestions would be helpful or a...
  10. Electrical
    Hi I have recently bought a T5 which has been upgraded on the front and fitted with Xenon headlights. Only issue I'm having is when using indicators you lose one of the main lamps and it indicates far to fast. Can anyone recommend where to get a relay as I'm struggling to find one! Thanks T:
  11. Electrical
    Hi all, got a specific problem with my indicators - yesterday my indicators started playing up, they would stop flashing and ticking before the steering wheel turned to cancel them and sometimes not come on at all (no light or sound). Now when I turn them on they only flash and tick once then...
  12. Electrical
    Hello all :) My first post. Ex AA T5 06 My issue is I had no rear indicators, front worked fine. I replaced bulbs with led bulbs and now the rear flashes, but, they are irratic. Although the hazards work perfectly... I'm confused :/ Any help would be appreciated.
  13. General T5 Technical
    Hi all, I have been having an issue with a recurring electrical fault. Basically I loose wipers, indicators, horn and interior light for a random period of time, between a day and two weeks. This tends to happen about 3 or 4 times a year and can be really frustrating. It does seem to happen...
  14. Electrical
    Hi all, This is probably something really easy, but my left indicator has just suddenly stopped working (no external flasher, no dash light or clicking). Right one works fine and both hazard lights work fine with both green dash lights flashing. Any ideas please:)LOL:
  15. Electrical
    Asking for one of our number who seems to have lost the ability to post on here... Will a post 96 indicator stalk fit a 95 t4?
  16. Electrical
    Can anyone help ? Problem is as follows, No tick tock or dash flash for indicators No dash light when got headlights on, just red speedo etc No door open light coming on when door ajar Opens and closes with fob but no flashing of indicators , but then re locks itself so you are locked in The...
  17. FREE Stuff
    Both working but passanger side has a crack across it (passed MOT with it) If your going to Beaulieu this weekend you can have them then.T: Cheers Paul:cool:
  18. Parts For Sale
    Don't be sad like me and follow the herd by fitting clear indicators / rear clusters to your van - go original! or alternatively if you've knackered yours, here's some original replacements. from an 01 plate T4 Indicators - £10 posted Rear clusters - £15 posted
  19. Electrical
    Could anyone suggest why a problem with the indicators on my 2000 reg 2.5Tdi automatic Caravelle would cause the engine to cut out? Happened a couple of times on Thursday but restarted and drove OK. Yesterday, indicated to pull in to park, indicator didn't work and engine cut out. Started up...
1-19 of 23 Results