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injector pump leak

  1. T4 Bosch VE Pump with air in fuel lines

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi folks, I have a 1996 T4 Doka fitted with a Bosch Ve type fuel injection pump. I have been getting air in my diesel supply (clear pipe) line. You can see the bubbles in it as the fuel flows to the injector. I was finding it hard to start my truck after it had sat stationary for more then...
  2. Injector Pump Removal

    General Technical
    I have got a leak somewhere on my injector pump so after reading a few of the posts on here i decided to have it re-furbished completely by a local diesel specialist. Spoke to them yesterday and they said that i could replace the seals myself but as the van is a T Reg with 122k on the clock just...