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  1. Remap specialists in Scotland?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Can anyone recommend any good remap specialists in Scotland they've used? I've googled and of course a fair few have been thrown up, but I'd like a few opinions through experiences folk have had - who they are, and good or bad? I'm thinking of going the PP injector nozzle route on my T4 - ACV...
  2. Dramatic Injector timing fluctuations …

    Engine & Gearbox
    Dramatic Injector timing fluctuations … Trying to track down the cause of an issue where our 2002 Caravelle with the 102 horsepower 2.5TDi AUF (because it was once an auto trans - essentially an ACV) motor has been ‘coughing’. Under acceleration it will momentarily die, jerking the vehicle...
  3. Fuel Injector test and refurb

    Engine & Gearbox
    Has anyone used (and would recommend!) a diesel fuel injector specialist in the Bristol area? Suspect i may need mine tested and/or refurbed due to problems with cold start. Anyone used DTM in St.Phillips? http://www.dtmfuel.co.uk/pumps-and-injectors.htm I'll be getting the fuel filter and...
  4. 2.5 acv 102 injector upgrade help.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there guys im a newby here so be gentle :-) I have a 1999 t4 acv 102 and want to upgrade the injectors. I have found these ones from the 140hp volvo 850, 074130202B and 046130201F I assume I can just fit them with out a re-map. Thanks for you help
  5. What are these lines/pipes? (2.4)

    Engine & Gearbox
    Does anyone know what these lines are? I noticed a smell of fuel coming from my 2.4. There was a little bit of smoke puffing from the underside of the rocker cover at these pipes. Are they part of the injectors? It looks like flexible push on pipes. The brading is saturated so looks likes its...
  6. Good and cheap injection fitter in hampshire

    Trade Experience Forum
    Hi Guys, I just wanted to everyone know I have found very good and cheap injection fitter. He did my throttle spindle on my t4 1.9 and my mates 2.4 throttle spindle for £110.00 all in, this included him making a new brass sleeve as well. After speaking to him I have also found that he is an...
  7. 2.5TDi 88 AJT injectors

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey, Anyone know what injectors I can get to replace my original ones? I'm looking for bosch ideally but can't find part numbers anywhere! Thanks Joe
  8. Injector cleaner with DPF??

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey everyone, I've been having power loss issues and what-not and a local mechanic popped some injector cleaner through the fuel system (via the filter and some in the tank) to see if it would sort it out. Kinda made it a bit better but now my DPF (departiculate filter) that I had fitted to...
  9. T5 5 cylinder engine information

    Engine & Gearbox
    Found this whist trawling for T5 5 cyl engine information http://pierro777.free.fr/DOCVAG/2.5_TDI.pdf
  10. Extracting injectors

    Engine & Gearbox
    My camper has an ACV lump and I want to renew the injectors as it's done 140+k miles and I've got hold of some brand new VW ones with larger nozzles (.203s) so I can get a bit more power and mpg with another tweak to the map (Martin at Pendle did a nice job soon after I got it 18 months ago). So...
  11. Engine Cutting Out -URGENT HELP NEEDED!!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Help! I have an 02 reg Caravelle 2.5 TDi with AJT engine. This week it has developed an engine fault, which has got worse very quickly over the last three days and now makes it almost impossible to drive. It happens when you are pulling away, or accelerating in low gears -the engine just seems...