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  1. Rear Bumper Removal

    T4 Syncro Garage
    Probably easy enough but I don't want to break any clips/tabs. Are there any clear instructions on removing the rear bumper on a 2001 T4 Syncro LWB?
  2. Khyam motordome sleeper instructions anyone?? My dog was hungry!

    General T4 Chat
    Hi Bought the motordome sleeper and attempted to put it up in the garden so we knew roughly what we were doing before going on our up and coming maiden voyage! On putting the awning away I must have left the instructions out! in the garden tonight and noticed the dog was kindly eating them...
  3. VW Caravelle 2004 DVD

    Hi, Have just brought a 2004 t4 VW Caravelle. Have been searching around the forum and can't find an answer so here goes. There were no manuals or instructions with the Caravelle and i can't seem to work out how to turn on the dvd player. Well player is on but can't get the screen to turn on...
  4. fitting an intercooler to my T4

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello all. I'm going to fit a Mits LT200 intercooler to my van but having a little trouble with the little wire and plug on the intercooler it'self. Id this wire required and should it connect to anything?? If anyone has any pictures of this kind of installation i would appreciate it muchly..