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  1. Parts For Sale
    T5 Dash instrument cluster with key as well. The face has some plastic bubbling although you can get the carbon look to cover this...
  2. Electrical
    ok my alternator warning lamp bulb blew and i lost alternator output, am i right in thinking these are 12v 2 watt bulbs or are they some fancy led type and can you get these from most motorfactors or vw only. i have the early 2.4 instrument panel with the lamp held in by 2 long wire strands and...
  3. Technical Articles
    Instruments/Clusters/Clocks/Dials/Dash Panels etc. whatever you care to call them. I prefer the term 'instrument cluster' as this to me most accurately describes what is in question – a clock is something that tells the time and usually hangs on the wall :):) This is a short overview of the...
1-3 of 3 Results