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  1. Is Low-e insulation any good? If not, what is????

    I know there are loads of threads about insulation and sound deadening but that’s the problem for a new comer to all this - too much information!! We are now trying to find what we need to do to insulate our van before we put the ply lining in. We will be using the van mainly for day/short...
  2. Insulation advice

    T5 Conversions
    I’m about to glue insulation to my walls and ceiling and I noticed that there are some sort of thin insulation/soundproofing pads already stuck to the walls (see pic). From what I’ve read, it’s preferable that the insulation (in my case cork panels) should be snug up against the surface. This...
  3. Soundproof, Insulate, Carpet Kit?

    T4 Conversions
    Hi All, Im new to this converting thing and have just acquired a T4 that should get some camping use this summer if I can get materials to kit it out. I was looking online for a kit that would, soundproof and insulate floor, sides, back and roof (including cab) and then carpet it all apart from...
  4. My Green T4 part conversion.

    T4 Conversions
    So I've had my van for about a month now. Have started to convert it into a part camper. I want to use the my as a van, to carry people and for my partner and I to go camping. Dont want a rock and roll bed, cant afford a crash tested one and they are too big. I got 2 captin seats to replace the...
  5. Interior insulation

    Am looking into insulating T4, hopefully this week. It gets rather hot in Malta, so would need a very good Heat withstanding material! Any suggestions??
  6. insulating Van for snowy conditions?

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi all :), I've jus bought an awesome T5 & I will be road tripping to the mountains in europe (in winter) so I kinda need it to be well insulated against the cold! does anyone have any suggestions on what to use, or if they have done the same thing?? thx T: i'll add before, during & after...
  7. Feedback on Insulation Idea greatly appreciated

    T5 Conversions
    I am soon to embark on my first conversion project and was hoping some of you folk might give me some feedback on my ideas for the insulation. Here's the plan:- Stage 1 - Some sort of sound deadening on all the panels, including roof & floor and a couple of extra layers on the wheel arches...