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interior conversions
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  1. Interior
    So I'm Midst conversion of my SWB and I need a slimline interior kit. I contacted EVO recently however due to the C19 they said there will be a long wait for any kits to be manufactured as is bespoke. I have access to a CNC router, could anyone help with getting any CAD files for flat pack...
  2. T6 Conversions
    🛠PENNY STYLE FLOOR MATTING 🛠 Matting is sound and shock absorbing 🔨 Felt underside for added grip to the floor 😎 Super easy to clean & maintain 💦 Check it out here
  3. Interior
    Hi all, ive been on this for a while and have had loads of good advice from it. So i thought i would take the time to share my interior conversion of my van as we get ready to take on south of France. Ill post some pics up of the inside getting redone. click on link below to check the...
  4. Interior
    I'm having a nightmare at the moment. I paid through the nose for some work to be done on the interior of my van. It's come back and it is awful. I took it to another interior company who said that the work is very shoddy and that I should get an independent report about the state of the work...
  5. T6 General Chat
    Has anyone got or known anyone with a dropdown tv, need any advice or ratings
  6. General Van Chat
    About to specify a design for a bespoke POD to sit behind drivers seat. Problem/Challenge is we have reduced size of the unit due to utilising full size bed with Flex Board. Needs to ideally house Vitrifrigo C39i / removable 2 ring stove and sufficient storage for food/pans/cutlery/crockery...
  7. T4 Conversions
    Hi there, I am about to make some mdf units for my vw T4, once i have decide upon the design of them! My main issue is the finish of them, i plan to do something a bit different from the normal converted style, ie clad the doors with reclaimed wood stips as well as the work top being reclaimed...
  8. Interior
    I need some ideas from some of you kind folk who are in the know :) I've got a gap to fill in my interior units for my T4. The last owner kept the units low so he could have his longboard inside the cab. I'm not a surfer though so I've got a couple of thought. Start again with all new units or...
  9. T4 Conversions
    Has anybody converted to something they've been able to 'live' in for more than a few weeks? I'm trying to seek out the perfect van to convert and be proud of but that is spacious enough to live comfortably for a couple of months at a time while out traveling on a budget.. I'd love to see some...
  10. Interior
    I'm about to start the interior conversion on Lola, kithen pods etc are so expensive, I'm a chipy by trade, would it be possible to use house kitchen wall units as my base units? There are a lot more variety in colour by doing this, I wouldn't have thought wieght should be an issue . :*
1-10 of 10 Results