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interior lighting

  1. Caravelle rear light unit clips?

    I've spent a bit (a lot) of time today changing all the interior lights to LEDs (note to self: polarity is important! :P ), and they look great. the problem is the clips that hold the light units into the roof mount assembly; they're a bit sh!t! So I broke, well, most of them to be honest :(...
  2. Headlining

    Even though I'm planning on getting an Austop roof fitted before summer; I've been trying to make our Kombi as comfortable as possible and we got some good camping memories from 2018. I've done a full SilentCoat and DoDo Matt interior and my first attempt at carpet lining. I dont rate my...
  3. Interior Lighting very dim when turned on with switch. Help please?

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    Hi all. After much head scratching and forum searching, I've come up short and hoping someone can help. I have wired in new puddle lights to the back of my van today (2008 T5 panel). They work as I want, coming on when the doors are opened or van is unlocked. The only thing I changed from...
  4. Rear interior lights & dimmer wiring -HELP

    Hi, I could really do with some help!!! I've been wiring my T5 rear lighting and need some help with the wiring, as I can't tell what I've done wrong, but it's not working the way I thought it would.... I've looked at the follwowing thread, http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=172159...
  5. 57 Shuttle interior rear lights.

    Hi all I have a 2007 swb shuttle that has an issue with the interior lights. While driving all the lights occasionally flicker on and off. I have checked the light bulb fittings and fuses, nothing obvious there, next step I think is to start tracing out the all the wiring. Does anyone have a...
  6. Interior lights

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    I need to make a start on wiring for rear interior lights soon so I'm looking for pictures/inspiration so I have a good idea of what I want. I work for an electrical wholesaler so I might be able to apply some of our 12v lighting to the van, see what others have before I purchase anything...
  7. Lights for load area

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    I have a pair of these lights which are normally fitted in the rear load area of a van, these can fit T4's and T5's and can be recessed into the ceiling panels or along each side when a pop top has been fitted. They are lightly smoked lenses and come with the bulb fitted inside. They are £15...
  8. Interior light delay?

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    How easy is it to fit an interior light delay unit? Get in the van when it's dark, shut the door and can never find the ignition...lol
  9. How To: Dimming Interior Light

    As you may well know when you get into your T4, when the doors are open the light comes on and when you shut the doors the lights simply turn off. To upgrade the poor interior light to a fancy dimming affair you will need an interior light from a Mk3 Golf and the 1st 20cm of wiring loom with...
  10. Next questions.. This time internal lights.

    I am in the process of refitting my van and want to fit 3 led downlighters. I have tested them and they are fine on the 12v supply in the roof lights, but on removal I notice there's three wires to each light. How do I wire my lights in as they are only 2 wires each? Also there are only two...
  11. Help my interior lights are driving me mad!

    Hi All, Can anyone offer a solution to my problem? My interior lights flicker under acceleration, I'm no expert(clearly) but assume it's an earthing fault but have no idea where to start. I have replaced all of the door switches but am still in the dark. Any help would be most appreciated.
  12. interior light timer wiring

    just got an interior light of slammedbus(thanks) to fit to my k reg its the newer type with a map light and timer.does anyone know the what the cables are for ,i have 4 wires brown (presume permanant earth) red (ignition?) brown/ white stripe (door switch?) black /yellow stripe
  13. Left in the dark with Interior Lights

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this has already been covered, but I'm having a problem with the factory fitted interior lights. I've cleaned and checked the switches on the Front (cab) doors and the sliding door, but the intermitting problem is still there which only leaves the Tailgate. Can anyone...
  14. Lights left on buzzer

    Hi I got a buzzer today to warn me if i left the lights on (van doesnt have one at the moment) The buzzer i got has two connectors a + and a - and thats it no instruction or diagram and the chap i got it from said "im not an electrician" thanks for the help.... So to wire it in is this...
  15. Side lights warning buzzer

    Anyone have any ideas to why the audible warning device that tells me my lights are on when I take the key out has stopped working and where I can find it? Fuses in main box are all fine
  16. Wiring for the Front Interior Light

    Here’s one for you then – caused me to stress a bit this evening. I thought I would be a bit clever and tap into the power feed from my front interior light to power some LED’s in the console …. Ooooh, bad idea. (For the record my interior light at the Front is a double unit with the Elec...
  17. interior light query 2003 swb caravelle

    can anyone help with idea of having a switch on the dash to turn on all interior lights when pressed ?? at the moment when you open a door all the interior lights come on , when you click the switch above the driver just the front turn on , i want all of them .... does the interior light switch...
  18. Interior halogen lights dont work?

    I have just wired 2 halogen lights in series into the rear interior light. however, i think i have pushed my limited eletrical knowledge to far. When i turn the light on the normal bulb comes on fine but the 2 halogens dont. If i then pull 1 halogen light out then the other one comes on very...