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  1. Interior
    Even though I'm planning on getting an Austop roof fitted before summer; I've been trying to make our Kombi as comfortable as possible and we got some good camping memories from 2018. I've done a full SilentCoat and DoDo Matt interior and my first attempt at carpet lining. I dont rate my...
  2. T5 Conversions
    Hi all, I've started carpet lining the inside of my van this evening. Not gone swimmingly so far. I've taken off all the stock panels and got cracking. Does anyone have any tips or methods for lining it? Ive started at the offside wall behind the B-pillar in an attempt to do it all in one...
  3. Interior
    Hi, I have a facelift SWB shuttle. I want to use as a van too (on the odd occasion) and wondered what the best way is to protect the carpet/interior when the seats have been removed. any ideas welcomed. Thanks
  4. Interior
    In what I think was the most recent issue of camper and bus they had a section on converting a van for less than £3000. In this they showed fitting a plastic interior to the rear of the van instead of the usual ply and carpet. Does anyone know where I can get any of this, or what it is even...
  5. Interior
    Ok, I am about to carpet the sides of the van....but don't reallY know where to start....I have the lining carpet and have already done the front but can decide on how to do the back.....I haven't plyed the rear....but could what do you guys think is best to do ? Do you have any pictures so I...
1-5 of 6 Results