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interior units

  1. locker T trim

    hi everyone, I'm currently converting and I've gone for the locker t trim type doors, I've come across a problem of the trim not staying in the groove I make with he slotter router bit, it first starts on the corners where it pops out and that causes it to start removing on the straight edges...
  2. Camper interior opinions?

    Show Us Your...
    Hi Guys, I'm new to the whole forum game so please excuse me if I've in inadvertently committed any forum faux pas. My friend and I have recently completed a camper conversion on the interior of a T5 for a friend of ours. Were hoping to break in to the conversion business and would really...
  3. T4 Wheel Arch Boxes - Dimensions and How to Affix?

    Hi, I've searched through countless threads and I see that a lot of you build carpeted boxes to cover the rear wheel arches and maybe to include a bit of storage. I figure the boxes could also assist in supporting a bed base or shelf, too. Question 1: How do you affix them to the van...
  4. Where can i buy new interior units for T5??

    hi wonder if anyone can tell me where i can buy new interior units for the inside of my transporter. seen them on ebay, wondering if they come flat pack cheaper, or do you buy the kitchen units and cut them in to fix? any suggestions will be much appreciated thansk