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  1. DIY curtains

    Hi all, Does anyone have any advice as to what curtain rails to use for DIY curtains in a T4? I’m making my own and have seen some tracks but looking to see if anyone’s got any advice. Not willing to drill etc just want something easy to put up and take down if necessary :)
  2. Burning Smell in T4 Cab

    General Technical
    Hello, I have just purchased a 1998 T4 van which has been converted. It has done 200,000 miles and drives really well. The only thing is after driving for a period of 70mph say on a motorway, when I slow back down to idle a burning smell of oil and fuel comes through the blowers. Occasionally...
  3. Squeeky Noise from fitted interior frame

    Hi there, has any one fitted a wooden frame to the inside of the roof to then have problems with squeeky noises after? is there a way to stop this? there is a horrendous "Squeek" coming from just above the drivers head where the wood finishes. Unfortunately the flooring has been put on top...
  4. Interior lights backwards?

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi All, I am new to the forum but hoping someone can help me. I have a 2012 T5 and purchased it a little over a month ago. I have the main switch set to come on when doors are open. Everything works okay with the exception of one thing. When the side door is shut and I lock the van the interior...
  5. Interior Carpet service

    Anyone got any recommendations on someone to carpet line out my T5 interior. Local to Portsmouth...?
  6. Does a T5.1 interior / rear view mirror fit a T5?

    This may sound an odd question but I like the idea of the auto dim rear view mirror and wondered if they fit a T5 and T5.1 as I've sen some T5.1 mirrors for sale on ebay
  7. Looking for Rental Workshops..

    General Van Chat
    Hey all, Does anyone know of any good (and not too expensive) workshops/blank spaces in London? Looking to rip out current interior on our T4 SWB and replace it with something less clean cut. Living in a flat means we don't have an ideal workspace as we live on a narrow street. Something basic...
  8. Interior roof fitted with lighting

    In the leeds area. Got a T5 SWB. I am looking to get an interior roof fitted with lighting. We currently have a lined roof made up of a single sheet of wood. Is there anyone who fits new interior roofs? Looking to get LED strips round the outside and spotlights in the middle. Can anyone point me...
  9. Shoddy workmanship. What should I do? Independent valuation?

    I'm having a nightmare at the moment. I paid through the nose for some work to be done on the interior of my van. It's come back and it is awful. I took it to another interior company who said that the work is very shoddy and that I should get an independent report about the state of the work...
  10. Bully - 53 plate SWB T4 - A project thread

    The Workshop
    Eh up forum readers. For Bully's posterity and your general amusement (and possibly the occasional piece of sage wisdom I:), here starts his build thread. Had some undocumented, basic modifications already but nothing worth talking about here. Headlight loom, pedal box reinforcement, decent...
  11. A pillar trim / B pillar trim VWT4

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me, I recently purchased a van which has had the bulk head removed. I've been looking at buying B pillar interior trim to cover up and make good. Before making the purchase I want to be sure it will give a completed look to the van. The part which...
  12. Caravelle? Or not?

    My first car ever - and I started with T4. As a first post on this forum I decided to ask you guys what did I get myself into. In papers (Switzerland) car is labelled as 'T4 SYNCRO'. Same is written on the tailgate, with additional badge of 'Swiss'. I have double passenger seat in front, two...
  13. Painting interior sliding door rail?

    Can I spray the interior sliding door rail (near the ceiling) with regular spray paint? The bodywork is green and eventually i'll get the outside sprayed with a different colour, however Id rather not strip out all the interior carpeting/insulation ive already installed. The door rail is too...
  14. What jobs should I do before plying my van?

    General Technical
    Hi folks, I have just bought my first T4 and it is currently completely stripped out in the back. My question is what jobs do you recommend I do before plying the back out. The obvious one would be putting windows in (which is on my list) but can you think of any jobs that you have done that you...
  15. Rear floor lining

    Im just about to remove the existing flooring and plywood out and replace it with new plywood and vinyl flooring. I was told to get a new (deeper) step cover, put 10mm ply down but also use some baton down to give it a better finish.. for the life of me, i can't remember what size baton to...
  16. interior carpets

    Any help/advice gratefully appreciated. Can anyone point me in the right direction to purchase interior carpeting for the seating and kitchen area in a LWB. To go over the vinyl flooring for warmth/comfort/protection. Many thanks in advance. T:
  17. Glove Box Options

    Hey guys, I've recently acquired my first T5 (whoop whoop!) which I'm in the process of doing up; and like many posts I've read on the forum I've got a glove box that has a busted catch, no lock, the bits that actually hold it in place are no longer connected to anything so you have to just pull...
  18. 2001 SWB caravelle 8 seats interior width for mattress?

    Hi, Just wondering, I have removed middle row seats and wish to remove rear bench for sleeping in. without going to expense of RNR bed, temporarily what width/length size air bed or mattress will fit and lay on the floor? unfortunately the caravelles have the interior rear panels which bulge...
  19. Rear interior lights not working

    Hi there guys, I am having problems with my rear interior lights, have searched the forums but couldn't come up with and solutions that worked, just wondering if anyone else can help. My cab light works fine and comes on the the doors open, but my two rear lights work when i manually switch...
  20. Wanted t4 caravelle interior drivers door release handle blue and chrome

    Hi all I'm after the inside door release mechanism, in blue plastic with a chrome handle ! Also after an ashtray and the trim pieces that are in the cubby holes in the dash ! Thanks