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  1. T5 Intermittent starting problem - Fault 01314

    I have a 2006 VW T5 Transporter with 70k miles on it which I've owned from new. VIN: WV1ZZZ7H6H049228 Engine No: AXD 126513 I have been living with an intermittent starting problem for about 6 weeks and recently it has become more frequent. Until recently, once it had started in the morning...
  2. T5 cuts out, then restarts and drives after 15 minutes.

    General T5 Technical
    Good morning, I am probably going to ask a question which may have been covered before. There may even be a thread here already, apologies if there is but I am new and I have tried to look. I have a 2004, VW T5 2.5 diesel which I have owned for the last couple of months. I have only driven...
  3. Horn sounds when indicating left

    Hi, I have a 2007 2.5TDI T5 So a very intermittent fault, here are the symptoms when in fault condition when turning left the horn sounds high speed wipers do not work Int wipers are just normal speed wipers (on continuously) unable to turn on hazard lights when the fault condition stops it...
  4. Intermittent Starter motor- one more to watch for.

    Having searched the forum and seen lots of people with vans that sometimes take a few key turns to get the juice to the starter motor, I'll add my fault on mine; Though frequently these symptoms can be attributed to corroded terminals, on mine the terminal (on the piggyback solenoid) had come...
  5. Intermittent cold engine start problem !?HELP!

    General Technical
    Hi, so when cold my 1.9td t4 sometimes fires and sometimes doesn't. Now ive very recently had a new engine fitted, including glow plugs so im 99% its not the plugs. The battery is good and is sending 10.5 -11v to the plugs. Even with the cold start lever pulled out it still wont fire up after...
  6. Intermittent Fan Blower Noise

    Hi Guys, I have a 2013 T5.1 Caravelle and have an issue with a loud noise from the Fan Heater / Blower in the front. What happens is... when I have the direction of the fans pointed to blow out of the main dash ( 3 o'clock position on the direction dial ), after about 2 mins a noise starts...
  7. T5 Intermittently won't start (but turns over).

    Hi. I've had an intermittent fault with my 08 1.9 T5 for a while (I'm guessing its electrical so I've put it in this forum hope thats correct). Every now and then it just won't start. It turns over but no sign of firing. (glow light goes out as normal before turning over) Then usually after...
  8. Intermittent blue/white smoke after remap/dpf/egr delete

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I got my van 2.0tdi 140 160k remapped about a week ago and the other day noticed it smokes white/blue/grey at times. More so when just cruising than under load. An example is a long slog up welsh country hills made non but after a long coast down the other side when i started driving it did...
  9. Starting Problems: T4 2.5 Auto Petrol

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Intermittant Starting Problems T4 2.5 Auto Petrol I have been given a 96 2.5 Auto Petrol LPG Caravelle with an intermitant starting problem. The issue comes and goes and there does not seem to be a pattern to it, could be cold or hot, dosen't make a difference. When I picked it up late last...
  10. Intermittent Breakdown

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All, Got a problem with my '03 T4 2.5 tdi...runs great until it fuel gets down to just below 1/4 of a tank and will just cut out. Just dies, you could be stationary or going at speed. Once pulled over, you crank the engine as normal and it is tries to start but just wont catch. If you keep...
  11. Throttle sensor - intermittent fault - wire wear?

    Hi, Looking at VAG COM I get this fault: I've been through lots of things Cleaned the throttle body Cleaned all earth points in engine bay New distributor cap and arm Swapped the ISV for a secondhand one Replaced relay 167 Replaced the throttle sensor I'm now wondering if it's a worn wire...
  12. Wipers intermittent switch fail

    Having just had a new heater fan fitted, the intermittent switch setting for my front wipers have stopped working. All the other setting for the wipers works as normal - slow, fast continuous, just the intermittent setting. So - is it the wiper switch or motor? If it is the switch - do you...
  13. Heater / Blower Issues & No Central Locking!

    General T5 Technical
    First post here so hope I am posting in the right place Just bought a T5 panel van and the heater / blower is working intermittently. Ive left it on 4 and it will start to work then stop! Plus I have no central locking. Guy I bought the van from assures me it has central locking but press the...
  14. AJT. Intermittent wipers changing speeds

    Engine & Gearbox
    Anyone have any ideas why my van's intermittent wiper setting is sometimes one wipe every 2 seconds and sometimes one wipe every 5 seconds?!?! Thanks
  15. Intermittent working of fridge

    Hi Guy's When I have my fridge switched to 12v, I switch on the ignition and start the engine and the fridge switch light is on, trouble is, it's only on for about 5 minutes. It will not work for the rest of the day, eg, if i stop the engine for a minute, an hour or even 3 hours it will not...
  16. intermittent loss of power - '1996 2.4 turbo AAB Diesel engine swb

    Engine & Gearbox
    My wife & I bought a 1996 'N' Reg 2.4 Diesel turbo 'Merlin http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/images/smilies/wizard.gif Autoholmes' camper with 45,000 on the clock, back in March of this year. After picking it up, the fuel gauge + temp gauge was very slow to respond (sometimes not at all, and the...
  17. standard horn is intermittent

    I have a t4 transporter the horn has always been intermittent and Ive finally got some time to sort it can anyone advise me on where to start???
  18. Intermittent Cruise Control Fault

    I have a factory fitted cruise control that is switched on by pressing a button on the end of the indicator stalk (Caravelle 2.5i petrol - 97). I realise that intermittent faults are very difficult to diagnose but if anyone has had a similar problem fixed, it would be great to hear from you. I...