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  1. Electrical
    Hi, As I've recently just bought a semi-converted T5, I'm after using my iPhone 5 with the stock stereo if at all possible. Does anyone have their phone plugged in via USB to a stock head unit? I ask because the buttons on this head unit has a button for folders and an input option of Aux...
  2. Electrical
    on my 2006 multivan there is a mobile phone holder factory fitted going through radio speakers. It works using wires not bluetooth. The label says it works with nokia 6100, 6200, 6230i, 6220, 6610i, 7210i, and 7250i. I think it might be possible to get a bluetooth linking unit that plugs in the...
  3. Electrical
    Hi, I'm thinking of hardwiring a cigarette lighter usb charger behind the dash, so I can connect an iPhone cable and have a permanent and neat charging facility for my phone. I was wondering, would I get away with wiring this to the existing live and ground wires coming from the cigarette...
  4. Electrical
    Does any body know an app that is available for the iphone that will work for my 1.9tdi golf mk 3 engine in my transporter? I have a WIFI OBD scan box but none of the apps seem to work for it and the golf engine?
  5. The Pub
    How do Does anyone know any iphone apps worth downloading? i.e one for this forum or any that would be of interest for a T4 owner? Cheers
  6. Electrical
    Hi, I'm looking for a new head unit and I'm not bothered about DAB, GPS, dual zone, DVD playback or most of the advanced features on high end models. All I want is a screen for my reversing camera and the ability to access my iPhone 5 for phone and music (Bluetooth or cable woud be fine). The...
  7. General Van Chat
    Please can this Forum be activated on Tapatalk. The app is great and so is this forum, but i dont use this forum half as much as others because i mainly use my mobile. Thanks.
  8. Electrical
    Morning, Anybody installed one of these? http://www.xcarlink.co.uk/product.php?productid=5&cat=2&page=1 I want to get my iPhone working with the Gamma stereo, but fed up with tape adapter. Also has option of Bluetooth. Great to hear experience, opinions or alternatives T:
  9. The Pub
    When using an iPhone or iPad? Is it possible?
  10. The Pub
    Been scouting for an Iphone and come across something which is quite frankly is utterly absurd. Sellers are selling "factory unlocked" Iphones 32gb for stupid cash well over 600 notes. Bayers are buying them up. O2 sell a pay as you go for £539. Now the cruncher they will unlock it for...
  11. The Pub
    Go on share your best apps for your IPhone... BBC Newsreader Facebook OO Tunes - 1000's of Radio stations TV Guide Paper Toss - Simple game passes the time Jelly car FS5 Hockey Google Earth
1-11 of 12 Results