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  1. I.C.E
    No longer for sale
  2. General Van Chat
    I am looking for a little forum experience here to see if this has been done anywhere. If so I would love to see photos and hear about your install. I would like to do is to keep the standard VW head unit in the T5. I would like to utilise the plastic tray on the top to mount an ipod dock...
  3. I.C.E
    OFFERS - Pioneer Bluetooth Ipod Comp. Headunit 3 x Pre Outs Van is now sold and I have the head unit left to sell... It's a Pioneer DEH P7100BT. Manual is supplied on disk unless I can find the original. Specs at: http://www.incarexpress.co.uk/view_product.php?partno=DEHP7100BT Main...
  4. Electrical
    I have a 06 Caravelle SE and I'd like to pop in a SAT NAV/DVD/CD/ipod player. It not quite a blank cheque affair but I'd rather spend a few quid and get something that does the job well. Oh yeah, it will need to have bluetooth functionalitly and be compatible with the new G3 iphone too. And in...
1-4 of 4 Results