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  1. Buying a van in England for Ireland

    General Van Chat
    Hi, does anyone have any idea what the VRT cost for bringing a van in from England to Ireland would be? T5 van 2011. Thanks
  2. Full T5 Caravelle rear seating system

    Parts For Sale
    SOLD sold sold
  3. DVSA IVA 1LG Test for importing T5s from Ireland

    General T5 Chat
    Hello, I have recently been to the brink of buying a T5 that has been brought in to the UK from the Republic of Ireland where it has been registered all of its road going life. I spent an inordinate amount of time piecing together the incredibly complex, multi-dimensional processes that you can...
  4. recommend sprayer in Dublin/Co Dublin

    Irish Regional Forums
    I am looking to get my Commercial bumpers colour coded and was looking for recommendations in the Dublin area. Also do you know how much it would cost. Thanks
  5. Ireland / Portugal Camper Holiday Swap?

    Irish Regional Forums
    I have a proposition for any ROI camper owners who fancy a cheap holiday in Portugal. If you would be willing to lend me your camper in Ireland for the last week of May you can in exchange borrow my T5 camper (pickup and drop off in Lisbon), also for a week. The swap does not have to be at the...
  6. Deliveries from the UK

    Irish Regional Forums
    Hi guys, Recently I was quoted 216 pounds ("Europe delivery charges") to get a 42L compressor fridge sent over to the Republic from the UK. I found a service called http://www.deliverme.ie in Newry that you can get items sent to, then they courier the item(s) down to you in the south. The...
  7. Courier: Britain to Ireland

    Ireland Wanted Forum
    Hi guys, Is anyone coming from Britain to Ireland in the next month or so? I want to order a Vitrifigo 42L fridge for the van but I do not want to pay the 216 quid :eek: delivery price. I'd need to get the fridge delivered to the person and would pick it up, or organise a proper courier to...
  8. New Revenue Guidelines for Converters

    Irish Regional Forums
    Hi guys, Not sure if some of you are aware but Revenue (in the Republic) have updated their guidelines for van conversions. They have defined living accommodation in some detail and have also defined 'day vans' and rejected them as motor caravans. It looks like they will not be accepting rear...
  9. New Project! Advice?

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi Guys, New to here and to the T4 world, Im a surfer from Ireland and have always loved t4's so at christmas I took the plunge and bought my first project, Id love any advice. I have a million ideas running through my head but being 23 and broke, its cheap and cheerful Im afraid. I picked up a...
  10. new t5 owner

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm Duncan new to owning a t5 had a lot of other vans in the past but this is for recreation....and carting four kids to the beach. Have been saving for conversion which has been getting done now hoping to pick it up this week. will put photos up to see what you guys think (when I...
  11. (yet another) Caravelle to Camper - first timer

    T4 Conversions
    Bought a Caravelle yesterday with the intention to have it ready for a jaunt round France in June/July in camper form. Its just been serviced incl having the waterpump and cambelt done. So... first on the list... out with the interior : Plan is to keep this seat here: This is as far...
  12. Converting a camper van in Ireland

    Irish Regional Forums
    Well I've finally finished putting my conversion through the process of getting it transferred to a camper van. The rest of the blog still has to catch up but I've detailed how I went through the legal process in a blog post here. I'll admit, there was some head banging off walls, some harsh...
  13. Can't find a T5 Tailgate

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi there, Am in Ireland and have been looking up and down the country (including north) for a T5 tailgate for about two months. It seems only double door'ed transporters are crashed here! Can anyone help me source a good condition tailgate? My own one is bashed so it rattles, lets in a...
  14. Rock & Roll Beds to be made in Ireland

    General Van Chat
    Hey All, Noticed a few irish folk on here every now and again.... I was in the midddle of my conversion and my neighbour who is a fabricator & engineer has offered to make the bed for me... he also said that he's not busy and he could knock them out for sport...... the price would be in the...