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  1. Vans For Sale
    *****NOW SOLD***** I'm selling my much loved VW T5 campervan, 2012 TDI facelift model, officially reclassified as a motor caravan with the DVLA. She's a diesel (1.9) with just under 47,000 miles on the clock, full service history and MOT'd until July 2017. I'm the second owner from new and...
  2. Vans For Sale
    The sad time has come for me to part with my van. I bought it in 2012 as a year old panel van and have had it professionally converted to its current state over the last couple years. It's a great van which has served me well, but the time has come where a house deposit is apparently more...
  3. Interior
    Hi. I am currently looking for a twin seat for my t4, would need to have 1 isofix point at least can anyone help or recommend a seat set that does this, can't be rnr as it's a middle set of seats. Many thanks.
  4. T5 Conversions
    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help with my conversion dilemma? Long wheel base T5: My main vehicle so used as base for canoe coaching, carrying boats on roof, wet/ dry kit etc I share child care so wish to have a mobile Nursury set-up for fun days out, picnics etc. It would be nice to seat 4...
  5. New T5 Members Forum
    I have purchased a new VW SWB conversion which I will be collecting in June 2014. The conversion has only 2 positions with seatbelts in the rear as well as the front and passenger swivel seats. My problem is that my daughter has 4 children and would like her to have equal access to use the...
  6. Interior
    Hi I had 2 x normal drivers seats (Inca) in my T5 (no airbags, armrest etc) which last year I swapped out for a pair of captains chairs with heat, armrests and airbags from a 2004 Caravelle. The wife is now pregnant so I was wondering if there are any T5 seats that have electric etc and ISOFIX...
  7. eBay Listings
    Hi all, Please see attached my link to eBay Rear ISO-FIX 3 Seat Bench - From 08 VW T5- Will Fit Transit, Renault Etc http://bit.ly/16p9sgF Although I will cancel this auction if sold via this forum. Look forward to hearing from you. Grant Murdoch 07525167484
  8. eBay Listings
    Rear ISO-FIX 3 Seat Bench - From 08 VW T5- Will Fit Transit, Renault Etc http://bit.ly/16p9sgF Please call me for more details. - 07525167484
  9. T5 Conversions
    Does anyone know or have a baby seat with an iso fix base that fits to their RIB rear seat. I have had it installed with the ISOFIX fittings and now can't find an ISOFIX seat and/or base where the front leg touches the floor. Please help, theirs a little baby here desperate to come out in our...
  10. General T5 Chat
    Evening all, not often I venture to this side of water, but i just needed clarification on the whether the front double seat on the t5, the folding varierty has ISOFIX brackets. The parts catalogues seems to suggest it does. *<:-)>
  11. General T5 Chat
    So I picked up my Van yesterday and its great, really pleased. I have 3 questions for you knowledgeable T5 types: Its a 54 Kombi by the way 1. The central locking doesn't work, the red light on the key fob goes on when pressed but the locks don't open, anyone know if this is a common fixable...
  12. General T4 Chat
    Hi Everyone, Well there is a baby MTB-er on the way, so I was wondering if anyone knew if the ex-AA middle double seat came with ISOFIX connectors? And same for the fronts. This is new territory for me! What do the fittings look like if I poke around the seats to check? TIA!:ILU:
  13. General Van Chat
    wife is pregnant with our first baby T: just panicking as have no idea how we will manage to carry it in the van t4 van is ex panel van -now camper. front is two captains seats , rear is cannon forge bed with belts would prefer wife to sit with baby so im not distracted in the front . even...
1-13 of 14 Results