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  1. General T5 Chat
    We have £500 to spend on our van, what would you suggest we do? Its a 2009 T5 with no alloys, no AC, no spoilers, no bike rack, no heater. It does have a full camper conversion with 3 way fridge (for the beer and wine, and bacon?) . Any suggestions appreciated. PS we have a 3000 mile trip...
  2. European and Foreign Travel
    Just got 2 months off work so July head to uk then onto Europe with the family ( 3young kids). �� Definately want to get up to Legoland in Denmark as I did that as a kid and loved it. I also want to go down to lake Garda Italy where I want to spend a few weeks but other than that...
  3. European and Foreign Travel
    Hi everyone, my husband and I are travelling to N. Italy (Verona region) at the beginning of July and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for routes and campsites along the way? We would like to find pretty and quiet sites if possible and can take our time. Cheers and thanks :)
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    About to get a 1.9TDI 102HP I am Belgian but live in Italy. I constantly hear about PendlePerformance for the UK as the best. Is there any similar guru in Belgium, The Netherlands (verhoeventuning.nl maybe?) or even France The Transporter is not very popular in Italy but I see heaps of them in...
  5. European and Foreign Travel
    Well after some inspiring reads on here and my 30th birthday looming I figured I will do something pretty epic, I was initially going to tour the states but since my T4 purchase earlier this year Ive been addicted, so naturally a T4 related hols was on the cards. I'm sure alot of similar threads...
1-5 of 5 Results