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  1. Trade Experience Forum
    I just wanted to write a bit about my experiences with JustVanz. From the first day last year when I PM'd Dan on here asking about a remap I got nothing but a polite and very helpful response, Dan went out of his way to explain various bits and bobs to me and give honest answers an opinions...
  2. The Workshop
    Hi Guys n Gals, We've had our T5 for a while now and spent a bit of time doing stuff with it just as we got it, with some renault triple rears, fixed bench and single up front, and side windows. We do a bit of cycling, the 2 kids have a little 50cc we run round a mates field, go camping a bit...
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi everyone, had my T5 2.5 130 sorted today with a pendle remap and a DPF delete. Just want to highly recommend Dan at Justvanz in Marldon, Devon who is a Pendle agent. Top guy and a top service, im very pleased with the outcome, much smoother power delivery and the extra torque is fantastic...
1-3 of 3 Results