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  1. Electrical
    Hi all, Since I got my T4 a few years back the central locking never worked. Now that I'm finished rebuilding the engine it's time to tackle the locks. All doors lock with the key fine independantly but none lock together with key or fob. I've checked the fuse and its ok. When doing the...
  2. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi. The key wont turn in the ignition lock. Have removed the lock barrel. Barrel tumblers or whatever are k******d. Can anyone tell me where I am best to get a replacement ignition lock barrel from? Also can the immobiliser antenna (the black plastic circular cover) be removed to be put on...
  3. Electrical
    I purchased a 'surf key' for when I go trail running - an all too often wet and sweaty activity and didn't want to risk damaging the electronic key. It wasn't cheap! £78.60 to be exact - including postage as my 'local' VW Commercial dealership is 1.5 hours from home... First time I used my...
  4. General T4 Chat
    Hi All, I've just purchased a 51 plate T4, it's belled with a Silicon Warrior alarm. The van only came with one key and one alarm fob, now, I've sourced a spare fob (I think) and I'm wanting a spare key... can I just get a spare key cut from my current key or is this going to be some expensive...
  5. Security
    Hello, First of all, Im sorry but Im no car expert. I have T5 2007, just made a new key with functional transponder but I cant program the central locking. Im following the manual but it just doesnt react at all. (To put the old key into the ignition into on position, the second key in the...
  6. Fuel
    I rather stupidly drove out of a petrol station and onto a dual carriageway with my fuel cap still on the roof... It bounced off and was probably knocked further down the road by a passing car or squashed under a lorry, never to be seen again. It was a lockable screw cap - opened by my ignition...
  7. Security
    Hi. My keys for T4 are almost worn out to the point where the main key on the fob doesn't open the drivers door but the spare does but the spare doesn't open the tailgate but the original fob key does. My central locking doesn't work at all. Where would I buy inexpensive replacement fob and...
  8. Security
    Hi, I just bought a T5 and it only came with 1 key. I am being quoted £200 from VW to get me a new key. £130 for the key and then £70 to programme it. Seems like a total rip off but I am not sure what options I have. anyone have any bright ideas?
  9. Electrical
    Today my central locking has stopped responding to the key fob, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Turning the key in the lock still operates the central locking fine, all the doors lock/unlock and the red light on the drivers door flashes when locked. I've read about the wiring...
  10. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi I have just purchased my first Transporter (2011, T5.1) and it has come with only one key.:* I can't order a new one until the log book comes back from the DVLA and the battery appears to be running flat. Can I just pop the back off the key and replace the batteries or do I need to...
  11. Electrical
    As nin title really, the blower fan keeps running after i've switched the engine off and removed the key, only happens occasionally. is this normal? Any thoughts? Sticky relay? normal? timer?
  12. Electrical
    Fault code P1570 - Any Nautical People (immobilisers) Evening all. Just got back from a visit to Portland Bill. Went to start the van, it ran for 2 seconds and stalled, it then started 2nd time with no issues. When I got home I scanned it with VCDS and it popped a P1570 Engine start blocked...
  13. Security
    So is there chip in the key? I guess that makes keys expensive... 1997 1.9 800 Special.
  14. New T4 Members Forum
    I lost a key and with transponder for a T4 Campervan, year 2003. VW sais it does not support that van any longer, and I have trided without success to get a replacement key. I still have one that works. Any help?
  15. Electrical
    Hi I Recently purchased a 95 T4 but i have the Ignition key stuck in the barrel everything works fine but not ggo for security i have a new barrel but how do i get the old one out. Cheers Andy
  16. Electrical
    New member.I have tried a search for this, but cannot find an answer. I have two sets of keys. They both operate the central locking One set will start the van without problem. When I put the other key into the ignition and switch on. 'SAFE' is shown on the dashboard. The van will not start I...
  17. General T4 Chat
    After a happy afternoon skiing, I returned to friend's house to discover I'd lost my keys. My T4 is safe, but locked with no spare, but about 20kms from the nearest garage. And I'm in the Czech Republic. Can anyone talk me through the procedure for getting back on the road again, so that this...
  18. Security
    Hi, long time (jealous) reader and now T5 owner! Wondering if anyone can help out. We use the T5 a lot when surfing. In the past I have got an electrics free key cut for my cars so that I can hide the chipped key in the car, lock the car from the outside, stash the key in the puch in my leash...
1-18 of 18 Results