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  1. General Van Chat
    Hi Does anyone have any links to where I might find a kitchen pod like the image below ? I have a full width rock and roll bed in a SWB , I like this one but its rather expensive at (£600) are these easy to make ? Thanks
  2. T5 Conversions
    Hi All, First post here, so hi! I'm a total newbie but bought a T5.1 SWB about a month ago. It's currently set up as a Kombi but I'm hoping to turn it in to a camper for the family. I'm finding it hard to find ply kitchen/wardrobe units that might fit on the passenger side (my sliding door...
  3. T5 Conversions
    Hi guys, Looking for some insider knowledge on kitchen pods. I want one that can take a Waeco fridge, fit behind the driver's seat, maybe have hob and sink not too sure on that. What you all got or recommend?
  4. T4 Conversions
    Thought I'd have a go at making my own kitchen pod in the rear half of my bed frame.
  5. T5 Conversions
    Hello out there. Does anyone know the maximum thickness a worktop can be for fixing a Smev9222 sink/hob to?
  6. Life Style
    Only used a couple of times, so some wear and tear, but needs to go. Retails for over £100. Details here: http://www.outwell.com/en/Products/Furniture/TablesWardrobes/RichmondKitchenTable.aspx Really nice bit of kit, but we no longer have an awning for it to go in so has to be sold. Asking £50...
  7. Parts For Sale
    I'm moving to New Zealand in July so the van had to go :( I built this kitchen unit as a removable module and it served me well on my trips to France and around the UK. It's definitely home-made and I know it doesn't look pretty but it worked as a fridge, sink and stove when I needed it to...
  8. Life Style
    Location: London. It is time for me to sell this excellent kitchen unit. There are a couple of small scratches on the bodywork but overall it is in great condition. I have never used the sink or cooker, only the fridge, and I want to make more space in my van. The unit was built to the personal...
  9. T4 Conversions
    Hi all, i've read through alot of options for kitting out the back of my T4 with units and kitchen appliances and i've opted to build my own out of 18mm MDF, then finish it using sticky laminate and some edging. I'm a bit worried about the weight though so we'll see how it goes.. Anyway my 3/4...
  10. Conversions & Customisation
    hi we are a small camper conversion company in sunny north wales specialising in high quality interior kits anything from embossed logo kits to full conversions after i nvesting in the latest state of the art cnc profiling router we are now offering full side kitchen units in any colour of...
  11. T5 Conversions
    Hi All, Planning our T5 conversion and am little unsure about our plans for cooking. In our old T2 we had a standard 2-burner plus grill camping stove in it's own purpose-built storage connected with flexible hose to the cylinder underneath. We could use it in situ, but most of the time took it...
  12. Interior
    Looking to get a pod to sit behind the drivers seat of our multivan. Question is does anyone have one, photo, supplier etc. Dont want it to interfere with the table if poss. Space is premium as dog and 2 kids. I:
  13. T4 Conversions
    Hi all being cheeky now, had anyone made their own kitchen unit for a t4? If so have you got plans we could use? Thanks ;)
  14. Parts For Sale
    Pod now sold still have top locker available !! Custom top locker custom made for a t5 and is the exact width to fit over the top of the window in drivers side made from grey vohringer ply. Its designed to attach to the van contours, as it sits above window the pre wired led lights built into...
  15. Wanted
    I need to build a lite storage unit to sit on my worktop and attach to the side of my wardrobe. I've got the silver/grey Vohringer units and I'm looking for a few bits to make a shelving unit to house DVD's, storage jars, mugs etc so it's not going to be huge. It will go from worktop height to...
  16. Interior
    hello can anyone help us find a replacement tap head/tap knob that fits onto the pull out hose fitted to the sink? alternatively, where can we buy the whole tap fitting? thank you.
  17. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    can anyone help us find a replacement tap head/tap knob that fits onto the pull out hose fitted to the sink? alternatively, where can we buy the whole tap fitting? thank you.
1-17 of 18 Results