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  1. Help Needed with Auto Gearbox

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi everyone, need some advice, we bought a 2nd hand T5 caravelle, auto 2.5 174 about 4 months ago. Its been slipping gear for a couple of days now, then has got stuck in 5th a couple of times, and today the thing on the bottom of the dashboard display that shows which gear your in, went red and...
  2. what a ruddy night last night.

    The Pub
    Driving along nicely then futh futh futh futh. Looked in the engine bay and a bleeding injector had popped out the head. I thought the fork retainer might have broken but when I managed to get it into the lights of my garage in the road (Pi+sing it down with rain) the bolt had snapped 1 cm...