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  1. T5 T32 high at the back ?? (First ever post )

    Steering & Suspension
    hi ive recently bought a 2009 T32 kombi and ..well theres no other way to say this other than it looks like a cheese wedge ?! The back end is in the clouds ...is this normal? Ive bought a 50mm lowering kit hoping it will sort the problem . All the T32's ive seen dont look this high . Any advice...
  2. T5 T32 130 LWB factory Kombi 6 seater dark blue in excellent condition for sale. Day van conversion with inflatable drive away. 138k miles. £9995ono

    Vans For Sale
    This is a great van that we're only selling due to impending emigration. We've had it for. 3 years and it's been stored in an insulated garage each winter, only seeing summer use. Although older, it's low milage for these, totally reliable, and looks very smart. There are a few small marks in...
  3. T32 LWB Off Grid Family Camper

    LWB Garage (All Versions)
    After years of wanting a T5 Camper, the opportunity came about and I decided to go for it. My van is 2006 T32 LWB Kombi, with 2.5L engine, it has 220k on the clock, one owner from new and every receipt, for every single piece of work done on the van. It's had the new too end and replacement...
  4. vw van 1.jpg

    vw van 1.jpg

    VW Transporter Kombi T5.1 2015 T30 140 Highline SWB with some light improvements
  5. VW van 2.jpg

    VW van 2.jpg

    VW Transporter Kombi T5.1 2015 T30 140 Highline SWB with some light improvements
  6. 2013 SWB T5 Sportline 180 Kombi, 72k, Black

    Vans For Sale
    Hi everyone! I'm selling my T5 as I'm moving back into car ownership. It's a business sale so would attract VAT unfortunately but I'm hoping it's at the right price point. The van itself has had a few subtle bits changed to make it a bit more unique but trying to keep the OEM look. Details...
  7. VW Project: run away screaming or?

    General T5 Technical
    Hi fellow enthusiasts - and greetings from Denmark! I really need a piece of good advice. I just bought an 8-seater VW Transporter Kombi. Its a T5, 2.5 TDI 4Motion (LWB) that I got cheaply from the military. It is from 2007/8 with 200,000 km on the clock. The good part: It runs amazingly well...
  8. Kombi Side windows leaking in

    New T5 Members Forum
    Good Afternoon, Just a quick question to ask other Kombi Transporter owners if the have had any problems with water leaking in from their side windows? And if so have they managed to stop it? Thanks
  9. Finally have my T5

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi, After 2 years of searching and making do with a Transit I finally have a Transporter. Thankfully the gearbox fell out of my Transit and crushed my drive shaft, decided I'd take the cash the garage offered on it and find a T5 (T5.1 to be specific). As I'm also new to forums, I'm not sure...
  10. T6 Kombi 2016 - low miles - T32 EU6 SWB Highline - for sale

    Vans For Sale
    Now sold - thanks for all the interest. No VAT - private sale. Very low mileage Kombi in excellent condition. £23,000 2016 (16 plate) Transporter Kombi 6 seat T32 SWB 102ps Manual 2.0 TDI Bluemotion Highline spec, finished in metallic Acapulco Blue. Genuine reason for this reluctant sale...
  11. Starting my conversion on a SWB T6 Kombi

    T5 Conversions
    Hi Guys, I have been saving really hard and reading a lot of the forums in order to gain some knowledge from those that have gone before. I have just taken delivery of a T6 HL SWB Kombi and have started the conversion process to a camper van. I have a question to you all, what's the best thing...
  12. 2014 Leighton Vans Black T5.1 T28 Highline Kombi SWB 160BHP Tailgate 37000Miles

    Vans For Sale
    I purchased the van built to my specification in June 2015 from Leighton Vans in Sheffield. I have really enjoyed having it however my main intention was to use it for lots of camping which I haven’t been doing and essentially I’ve been using it as a big car. Therefore the time has come for me...
  13. Tip for Kombi rear under seat storage

    Having being reading a lot of your posts over the last few weeks before taking the plunge and getting a secondhand Kombi. I thought it was only fair to give something back. Found this box up at Bunnings( aka Homebase) today...
  14. T5 T5.1 LWB Kombi Rubber Floor with 8x Tie downs

    Parts For Sale
    Floor has cut outs for 2 + 1 Kombi Seats and holes for Tie downs. The floor is in overall very good condition, bar a small 5p sized horseshoe tear which is barely visible - see pics, one with it lifted up the other with it back in situ. £180 ONO
  15. T% kombi headliner with elec sunroof removal

    Hi. I have been able to find any info anywhere on hhow to remove the headliner from the cab in 8 seat T5 kombi:* I get all the rest free, buut somehow the sunroof opening is fastened the the roof. Does Anyone know how to safely get this off? Thanks:)
  16. Tank removal, bit of a leak :-/

    General T5 Technical
    So. Today I set about installing the floor mounts for a triple seat. This meant dropping the tank, which was a bit of a daunting thought. Anyway, behind the plastic filler neck trim you have a bolt which supports the neck and has an earth... now, when I took this bolt out, out came A LOT of...
  17. Can Car-Net activate Parking Heater?

    I am still deciding on the final spec of a new Kombi i want to order (and being continually frustrated by the total lack of information provided by VW on what the options actually do :() and have found out about Car-Net. I will be getting the full satnav spec, Discover Media, App-Connect and the...
  18. T5 Kombi Seats 2+1 Tassamo

    Parts For Sale
    T5 Kombi Rear Seats For Sale - SOLD 2 + 1 configuration (genuine VW RHD - coming out of 2013 T5 Kombi under conversion) Tassamo fabric Excellent condition. Single tilts 45' and Double folds flat. Seats - £750 ono Fixings and Seat belts available too - additional cost Collection Only -...
  19. Kombi or custom?

    General T5 Chat
    I'm planning on buying a SWB T5 in the near future having recently enjoyed a ride in a friend's. I think the bus will be able to do just about everything I ask of my Land Rover Defender 110 (as I very rarely put the 4wd to the test any more) whilst addressing some of the shortcomings: noise...
  20. My First VW Transporter!!!

    LWB Garage (All Versions)
    Hello welcome to my T5 LWB thread. We have been wanting a van for absolutely ages and eventually got one! It is a 2014 VW Transporter LWB Kombi. The engine is the 2.0TDi 114PS BlueMotion. Being a Bluemotion, it gives us Start/Stop Tech and Cruise Control.. It is a five seater with the two single...