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  1. General T4 Chat
    Hi Am just about to purchase a lovely 2004 T4 Trident. It has a Fiamma bike rack but no ladder - I believe it is possible to fit both. Any comments about this, or anyone with a ladder for sale out there........? Thanks
  2. Customising / Modding
    I was wondering why ladders are recommended to be fitted on the offside rather than nearside door. Is it because: - it doesnt obscure the numberplate (does this matter? it wont obscure it much..)? - it is stronger (both doors are shut so maybe somehow this is a more rigid frame)? I would like...
  3. General T4 Chat
    :* Hi I was wondering if anyone out there can confirm that I can fit a 2 bike fiamma carrier alongside a ladder on a coachbuilt T4 Trophy Autosleeper '96 The Fiamma people say no, but I am sure that it could be done Any help would be appreciated as £200 is a lot to spend only to find it donna...
1-3 of 3 Results