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    Bought a T4 a couple of months back. Its a 2002, 2.5 TDI (88 BHP) with 128K on clock and was kind of worried it was a bit of a lemon. Steering pulling heavily to left going round M25 was not the best start! Yes, I know take a test drive before you part with your readies Being a buyer for a...
  2. General T5 Chat
    As Title suggests, me and a couple of buddies are off to Woolacombe this weekend. Will be in a LWB T5 Gp on Banded steels, so give us a nod, or pop by for a chat. At some point over the weekend, the Van will be abandoned in favour of our Lambretta's (for a ride out).. Their should be quite a...
1-2 of 2 Results