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lap belt
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  1. Interior
    Hi Guys, Thought id try and give something back to the site as i dont like to just take information and not give my input. I thought i would post up pics of my lap belt install i did today. Due to the height of my seat/bed , most belt receivers were not long enough to reach the seat height, so...
  2. Interior
    Hello. Ive just bought a used caravelle rear triple seat with a middle lap belt to use in my 2001 T4 Sh wb. Is it possible to convert the middle lap belt to a normal 3 point belt ?? Bearing in mind that I wish to fit the seat just before the wheel arches at the rear pillar of the sliding door...
  3. Parts For Sale
    From buying various bits and pieces to get everything I needed for my rear seats, have the following bits to be rid of... PM me for paypal details or address to send payment to seat belt receiver with plastic surround, from caravelle rear seat - £4 posted lap belt with receiver attached -...
1-3 of 3 Results